Every Diwali, your elders would ask you to keep a distance from fireworks. Every Holi, they would rub a variety of oils on you before you would go to get dumped in a heap of colors. And every 15th August, well we are at a loss of words here. Since the advice for safety on Independence Day is not very popular. 

But Credihealth is all about “health”. And we think it is our responsibility to remind you to stay safe at all times. Even while you are spellbound in the joy of celebrations. 

On this Independence Day, we bring to you a five-step guide for a safe celebration. Because we believe that it is better to prepare and prevent, than repair and repent. 

Tips For a Safe Independence Day 

Nothing can capture the joy of freedom in India more than a sight of kites in the sky. And though kite-flying seems like a very harmless sport, sadly, it is not. Here are some steps that you should follow to make the celebration injury free-

1. Do NOT buy glass-coated strings (Manjha)

Remember back in school, how all the kids would gather and count the number of bandaids they had on their hands, post 15th August? It was a way of reflecting bravery while kite flying. More bandaids, more victory shots. But this, dear reader, was a misconception. 

The cuts caused by the kite strings are as dangerous as cuts caused by a knife. Kite strings coated with glass can be lethal. A large number of accidents due to these strings have been reported in the past. Not only is it dangerous for the person who handles the kite, but it is also dangerous for others. 

This string can get loose and hurt a passerby. So the best way to avoid this damage is to avoid buying these deadly strings. While you shop for Independence Day, don’t just focus on which kite is prettier. Also, focus on the quality of the string. 

2. Keep the first aid ready- Kites? Check 

  1. Manjha? Check 
  2. Snacks? Check 
  3. Music? Check 
  4. First-aid? 

If it is not ticked right on your checklist yet, hurry up and do it right away. A tragedy doesn’t knock on your door before arriving. And at a time when everyone is at the terrace rejoicing, anything can happen. 

We are not asking you to be fearful or pessimistic, but only cautious. Having first-aid with you during such celebrations can be very helpful. 

3. Stay updated with Local News

Independence Day is a national festival. And it is natural for human beings to get carried away in the galas while abandoning safety concerns. So it becomes a national responsibility to care for each other. 

Since almost everyone would be joyful, it is essential to keep a track of the happenings, at least in your locality. Don’t be so encapsulated by the party that you ignore the well-being of friends, family, and neighbors. Keeping yourself up to date with the happenings and mishappenings in the neighborhood can help you stay clear of accidents. 

4. Be kind to birds and animals

Every life matters. So in our attempt to make a celebration safe, we include all lives. A sky full of colorful kites is delightful but it leaves less space for birds. So we suggest you stay clear of areas where the population of our feathered friends is high. 

Not only will the birds be frightful of the crowd, but the strings may also harm them. Likewise, be considerate of street animals. When you lose a shot in the event of kite-flying, these animals also bear the loss. 

It is because the strings are let go of and get in their away. So if you come across loose threads, get hold of them and keep them aside instead of waving them. 

5. Stay inside your safety zone

Dancing and jumping on grounds and terrace is a common sight on Independence Day. But these jolly acts go out of control and lead to injuries. Since terraces may not be safe, utmost care needs to be maintained, especially around children. 

Ensure that your loved ones are not putting themselves at risk by climbing dangerous rooftops. Also, make sure that children are always monitored by an adult. Children and even adults have slipped and fallen from dangerous spots while flying kites. 

It is best to mark a safe zone before starting the celebration. You know, a small slip can make a hospital trip. 

Final Word

What is freedom to you? The ability to speak your thoughts? The power to defy societal stigmas? Access to food, water, and shelter? Or something else. 

Let us know what it means to you, but till then let us tell you our idea of freedom. 

Freedom is the ability to stay safe and sound.

The above post is our venture for a safe Independence Day. On top of your safety, you will be ensuring the safety of your surroundings by following these small steps.

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