Your eyes speak for you and convey your mood. Those sometimes inevitable dark circles steal the glow from your face. Snub cosmetic treatment. You can exorcise the ghostly under-eye look by treading the natural way.

Exercise Releases Stress

That dark discoloration under your eyes could be mainly due to stress and worry. So walking in a park early in the morning, doing dumbbell training or indulging in an evening stroll and taking in fresh air, can ward off dark circles. When you exercise, it fills your lungs with oxygen, thereby releasing the tension that otherwise shows as dark circles. Blood circulation boosts and muscles relax, this prevents unwanted under-eye darkness.

Home remedies beckon you

  • Sometimes you can’t avoid stress or insomnia due to a fast-paced demanding life but you can resort to nature friendly remedies at home that tackle the dark circle issue.
  • Fresh cucumber can be used as it’s a skin lightener. Slice two pieces of cucumber, place them over the dark circle spot, leave them on for sometime and wash it off with water. It gives you a cooling effect and makes you feel refreshed in no time.
  • You can rely on a bleaching agent like raw potato to do away with the puffiness around your eyes. Grate a cold potato and take a cotton ball to dip the extracted juice of the vegetable. Close your eyes and place those cotton balls on your eyes and relax for some time. Do rinse your eyes with cold water after you remove the cotton.
  • Almond oil also helps you, if you apply it overnight on the dark patches below your eyes before going to sleep. Massage it on the dark area so that the oil penetrates well. It’s a natural ingredient which can give you delicate, smooth skin around your eyes. For best effects, daily use is recommended.
  • Don’t throw away used tea bags, refrigerate them and then place them on your eyes to rest them for a while till the tea bags are dry. Crushed mint leaves also cool your eyes and do away with the dark patches. Use damp cotton to wipe off the residue, giving you a rejuvenating respite from dark circles.
  • You don’t need any eye cream when these natural ingredients are there for your use.

It’s all about sleep

There is a reason why people wish you ‘sleep tight’ at the end of the day. Sound sleep is essential for natural freshness on your face. No cream can compensate for that. No matter how much you are overloaded with work or thoughts, sleep has to get due priority. If you can’t sleep enough in the night on weekdays then make up for it in an afternoon siesta on a weekend. With quality sleep, your dark circles will soon vanish.

Nothing beats a healthy diet

Vitamins and drinking plenty of water is required. Water prevents blood accumulation under your eyes. Vitamin K absence, inadequate antioxidants or deficiency in B12 (mostly anemia-related) results in dark circles. So, make sure you consume lots of fruits and green leafy vegetables.

If these home remedies and suggestions are diligently followed then you will soon lose those dark circles and sport a fresh and glowing face.