What is ‘Monthly Period’?

Monthly period, also called as menstruation, is the monthly vaginal bleeding, which stays for 3-5 days. Once all the reproductive organs are ready, the girl gets her 1st period (Menarche). Usually menarche occurs during the age of 12-14 years. It is normal to have cramps for the first few days during the menstrual cycle. Teenagers undergo emotional changes and get irritated and angry easily during the menstrual cycle.

When do breast development happen in girls?

The breast can start growing anytime from 9 years to 13 years and it grows in stages. It starts with a small bump near the nipple and gradually takes its full shape. The breast sizes are different for everyone. Genetics also plays a role in determining the breast size.

Can you wear a bra while sleeping?

It is not necessary to wear a bra while sleeping. Also, there is no harm to wear a bra while sleeping.

Why acne occur during puberty?

Acnes commonly occur during puberty due to hormonal changes. It is important to use a good face wash to keep face clean and it is recommended to consult skin specialist for best advice.

What are the changes in female reproductive system during puberty?

The sex hormones are produced during puberty. Secretion of different types of hormones such as GnRH, luteinizing hormone (LH), follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), estrogen & progesterone increases during puberty leading to changes in the body.

Why are females prone to Urinary tract infections?

The kidneys, ureters, bladder, or urethra get infected in Urinary Tract infection (UTI). Urine passes though these organs before being released. The female urethra is very small, which spreads the germs in the bladder even faster. The opening of urethra is near to the anus and vagina. As a result these organs are also prone to have bacteria resulting in UTI.

How to prevent UTI?

  • Consume a lot of water and other fluid
  • Avoid cleaning yourself from back to front
  • Empty the bladder quickly after having intercourse
  • Use quality feminine products

What is vaginal discharge?

Vaginal discharge is a white or yellowish spot, which can damp your underwear. It is normal to have a vaginal discharge as long as it is clear, smooth and doesn’t smell. It is abnormal when the discharge is itchy, uneasy or odorous. These are signs of infection.

A whitish discharge, which doesn’t have any bad smell, is normal in young girls.