According to the metaphysical meaning of green healing – finding peace, tranquillity, equality, tolerance and healing. Who doesn’t like being in a peaceful place? With a calm mind? And a happy soul?

Though we want all these things, it’s still not something we actually go after with great vigour. Now it’s become ‘just a phrase’ as we’re all busy with our lives. Not knowing what we’re destroying and missing out on. When we sit down to have a cup of tea or coffee at the end of a really long and tiring day, all that we see is a crowded street with cars honking and people who are animated due to increased restlessness and impatience.

Take a break from your daily pollution filled life and get some green healing done. Let’s break it down.

1. Ever Heard of Nice Tourism?

This is the kind of tourism that takes you to unique and simple places, where all your requirements are met. The things that you really need for you. This kind of tourism takes you away from the city, traffic and pollution filled life that you live in. Making it feel like a breath of fresh air; which you’re bound to get atop that mountain. You could go trekking, hiking, cycling, a stroll or have a quick dip in the lake nearby to feel fresh and at peace.

2. Working out Doesn’t Make You Healthy

Just because we work out for at least 2 hours a day does not make us as healthy as we think it would. As all the other components of our lives and surroundings have an impact on our health. Breathing in pollution once you’re done with your work out completely nullifies the concept of trying to stay healthy. As everything around you is in a really bad state. No matter how much we try to protect or fix them.

Did you know that all the air that we have around us, may it be indoor or outdoor is technically polluted? That’s because –




(a) Ever wonder what’s in the cigarette that you smoke?  

Yes, smoking is your choice. It depends on you if you want to smoke or not, but at least not at the cost of those around you and the environment. The gases that are released when a cigarette is burnt are harming you and everything that surrounds you.

Nicotine is the most common thing the entire world connects to smoking. Nicotine makes the body change within a few seconds; just like the snap of your fingers and you have altered brain waves, a heightened heart rate, shortness of breath and increased blood pressure. But there is more than that. Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen Cyanide are the other two lethal gasses that are released. Which affect you and the environment.

Carbon Monoxide is a colourless and odourless gas that is released as soon as tobacco is burnt. This is the reason why smokers gasp for breath upon the slightest amount of exertion. Carbon Monoxide decreases the ability of your RBC’s (Red Blood Cells) properties of absorbing oxygen, making you gasp for air, feeling breathless or claustrophobic (even though you are not) at times.

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(b) Carpooling is a better option

The pollution rates have increased drastically, due to a number of factors like – increase in population, caring about ones “status” and buying vehicles, not understanding the importance of carpooling etc. Giving rise to more and more air pollution.

Okay, think about this – how many vehicles do you see on a daily basis on your way to work or school? 100’s, 1000’s, 10,000’s? Definitely more. The gases released by these vehicles are –

  • Particulate Matter (PM) – these are tiny particles that are as small as one-tenth the diameter of a human hair and pose the most serious threat. Once they get into our systems they penetrate deep into our lungs and make it difficult for us to take in fresh oxygen molecules.
  • Hydrocarbons (HC) – this along with nitrogen oxide, form the ozone layer. But at ground level, this causes respiratory issues like – coughing, choking, throat irritation etc.
  • Nitrogen Oxide (NO) – this gas weakens the immune system and makes us defenceless against illness like influenza and pneumonia.

These are some of the harmful gasses that are emitted from vehicles. This is why we need to reduce the number of vehicles on our street by carpooling. 

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3. Revisit Your Childhood

Vitamin D, the only vitamin that is hardly present in our diet but our need for it cannot be overstated. Vitamin D makes sure that we are okay and doing well; physically, physiologically, mentally and emotionally. That is because our body needs those components.

Vitamin D can help us out in ways that even weren’t aware of. Like –

(a) Strengthens bones.

(b) Prevents Cancer.

(c) Strengthens the immune system.

(d) Helps maintain good skin.

Going out and getting yourself some vitamin D is never a bad idea. Staying in the city and getting your daily dose of vitamin D is okay, but going on a vacation and then getting your vitamin D dose is much better, as there is less pollution around compared to the city.

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4. Getting in a Better Mood

Going for a walk while on vacation is even better than going for a morning run while living in the city. As seeing the same concrete kingdom day after day, breathing in the remnants of pollution eradicates your entire green healing plan.

Walking around greenery or by the beach lifts your mood, due to some unknown reason. You get the feeling of being calm, relaxed and having no worries; all thanks to Mother Nature. This activates your brain, eradicating any anxiety, negative thinking or mood that you might be in.

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5. Eyesore

When you sit down to have a conversation with any of your family members, have they ever told you that your generation is probably the unhealthiest one? That’s because all that we do is stare at our laptops, mobile and computer screens; leaving us all with poor or bad eyesight.

Almost all of us are myopic (have short-sightedness) due to the close proximity of our eyes with the gadgets mentioned above. Along with having mental and physiological reasons like – tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, lack of Vitamin D, depression, anxiety and many other reasons.

Children nowadays have no idea what it feels like to go out and play. They have never experienced anything that was once called “fun.” Their definition of fun is playing a game on their i-Pads or on their phones.

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Green healing might sound like a boring term, but in reality is quite contrary. Going out, having fun, getting rejuvenated and re-energized is always better than staying at home and going to work. Everybody needs change; so why not start with green healing?

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