Guys health: Changes in a guy’s body?

  • Appearance of pimples
  • Body and facial hair growth
  • Hair growth in the pubic region and in the genitalia
  • Minor increase in breast size

Self examination?

Puberty onwards every boy should perform a self examination of their testes on a regular basis. It should be performed after a bath or hot shower. At that time the scrotum loses its tightness. Each testicles should be examined separately in order to see if there is any lump growth. A comparison needs to be done to find out if one is appearing larger than the other. In this way boys will be able to perceive the normal growth of their reproductive organ.

Testicular, penis examination?

You can perform a penis examination on yourself using the following technique:

Familiarize yourself with the entire region, so it’s easy to spot abnormalities if they do appear

Be alert against the following unusual changes:

Redness, blisters, warts, bumps, sores, etc

Is it ok to have one testicle bigger?

It is pretty normal to have one testicle bigger than the other

Increase in height and weight

Generally for boys the height starts increasing from the age of 11 years. Increase of weight during puberty is extremely common. Usually, weight during puberty is about 50% of the ideal adult body weight.

Increase in hair? 

  • Pubic hair starts growing and is visible at the base of the penis
  • Body and facial hair also start growing during that time
  • Shaving of pubic hair is recommendable for personal hygiene reasons


  • Due to hormonal changes during puberty, acnes do occur
  • Blackheads, Pimples , Whiteheads and cysts are various kinds of acne
  • Face should be washed with a good facewash at least twice everyday

Male reproductive system?

  • Full reproductive capacity is developed during puberty
  • Scrotum and testes get bigger initially and later the penis grows longer

Is masturbating normal?

  • Masturbation is quiet normal during puberty
  • It is important to remind teens to do it privately

What are wet dreams? How can I stop myself?

  • Wet dreams mean to release semen while you are sleeping
  • Wet dreams are very common during puberty
  • Generally one gets wet dreams when they are dreaming of sex while sleeping
  • There is no way to stop wet dreams as it happens while sleeping


Circumcision has been derived from Latin word and the meaning is to cut around. It is a surgical method to remove the foreskin of the penis and is widely practised in some religions.

Is it normal to get erections? Normal to have erection while waking up?

It is normal to get erections any time including waking up. The penis becomes hard and the softer tissues get filled up with blood.

Grooming? Bad breath?

  • Likelihood for increased body odour and bad breadth is seen during puberty
  • Teens should be explained about the importance of keeping the genital area clean
  • Brushing twice daily and flossing at least once should be encouraged


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