7 Daily Habits Bad for Your Heart

We are running everyday to be the best at job and trying to balance life. In the midst of it, cultivating daily habits bad for heart.

7 Daily Habits Bad for Your Heart
7 Daily Habits Bad for Your Heart
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Age old wisdom says "Health is Wealth" and it is true irrespective of age, financial status and gender of a person. People have got extremely busy these days - there is just no time for anything, even for health. Men and many women are running every moment to be the best at their jobs and trying to balance home, children, and office. In the midst of it all, losing focus health and cultivating daily habits bad for the heart.

Knowingly or unknowingly, we cultivate these 7 common habits bad for the heart:

Lack of Physical Exercise

Though the gym culture is hot in India, many people join it but are not able to sustain the routine. In cities lead a life where mostly there are long sitting hours in front of laptops (of course there are exceptions like field jobs) and this really causes a very bad effect on the heart. It is important that one keeps taking a break every now and then, walk up and down the stairs in place of a lift etc. so that blood flow in the heart increases. Any form of physical exercise helps hearth pump more blood in the body.

Drinking & Smoking

Bad for health in any way, these cause worse ailments like cancer etc. For heart specifically, enjoying alcohol in moderation is fine like a glass or 2, but if it is in excess, can be very damaging to the heart. Nicotine can affect BP which adversely affects the heart of the patient.

Taking too much Tension

No one can live a stress-free life! The expectation is one takes stress only mildly, and not worry about every little thing. This really needs work for few people and things like meditation etc. can help calm down a person to large extent. When anger/ anxiety gets the better of you, should do what works for you like counting 1-10 etc. just to control the levels.

Neglecting Oral Care

Often we have heard that oral care is very important to health- it is very important for the heart. It is bad bacteria which enters the body that causes inflammation which in turn increases chances of a heart failure. Flossing is a habit people should inculcate in their lives and this has many advantages beyond heart as well.

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High Intake of Salt

Well aren't we proud of how delicious and spicy our Indian food generally is? It is time to take note and start having spices - especially salt in moderation. Too much salt increases blood pressure and also inflammation which is directly related to the heart.

Inadequate Sleeping Patterns

Globalization has liquidated time barriers and people working in multi-national companies work around the clock and this affects their sleeping patterns. People get up at India time and work till US timings for few companies and such lifestyle has a very bad effect on a person's wellbeing. 8-10 hours of uninterrupted sleep is very important for adults and one should make sure that nothing comes in of this habit. Less sleep typically leads to irritation and frustration in a person.

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