10 Women's Health Symptoms You Should Not Ignore!

Women should be aware of symptoms such as a headache or lump in the breast as it can be a sign of serious health problem. Read more about women health.

10 Women's Health Symptoms You Should Not Ignore!
10 Women's Health Symptoms You Should Not Ignore!
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Women Health - Women tend to get so engrossed in taking care of everybody else that they barely get time to take care of themselves. With the ever-rising demands of family and work, many women do not make their own health a priority.  Most women may not understand these warning signs or realize that there are certain symptoms that require medical attention. Therefore, it is critical to identify the 10 Women Health Symptoms You Should Not Ignore! Some of the symptoms may seem trivial but it just might be an underlying cause of a serious health condition.It is, thus, important to have an eye out for any changes in the body to prevent any long-term health repercussions. The bottom line is that if you experience a change in your body that cannot be explained that persists for more than a day or two or causes sudden and intense pain, then get to your doctor quickly. It may be nothing, but then again it may save your life. Therefore, given below are 10 symptoms that women in good health should be aware of.

10 Women's Health Symptoms You Should Not Ignore!

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#1. Head hurts -

A headache may often be the result of stress and exertion but frequent headaches just might be pointing towards a more serious medical condition. It could be a migraine but if other symptoms of a migraine are absent, it could be something as serious as a brain aneurysm. The family history of brain aneurysms or an addiction to cigarette smoking increases the chances of this condition. If a headache persists, consult an experienced cardiologist.

#2. Fatigue -

It is normal to feel fatigued after a long day of work, home and family chores. However, if the condition is persistent, it is advisable to get examined by a medical expert. constant feeling of tiredness could be a sign of a medical problem. This fatigue might be as a result of depression, liver failure, anemia, lung cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, kidney failure, cardiovascular disease, thyroid disease, sleep apnea, diabetes, hypothyroidism, depression or heart disease.

#3. Rectal Bleeding -

The color of a stool can change from day to day. The color depends on the foods you consume or the medicines you take. However, bleeding in stools is not something that should be taken lightly and ignored. A stool with bright red blood could be as a result of bleeding in your colon or hemorrhoids, ulcers, diverticulitis, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) or even intestinal cancer. Pregnant women will especially consider this condition to be normal, but it is not. Rectal bleeding can be a sign of rectal cancer. If given timely medical attention, this condition can be cured. Therefore, if there is blood in your stool, then get it checked out by your doctor as soon as possible.

#4. Change in bowel behavior -

Pain in the abdomen is most often simply due to a build up of gas or a reaction to something we ate that didn't agree with our stomach. However, pain in the abdomen, bloating that lasts more than a week or change in bowel habits may be due to a serious condition like colon cancer, ovarian cancer, or bowel syndrome. Other symptoms of ovarian cancer apart from bloating up and pain in the abdomen may include difficulty eating, a need to urinate frequently and persistent fatigue. One should be aware of such symptoms because these symptoms are vague and hence easy to overlook.

#5. Chest pain -

Symptoms of a heart disease are subtle in women than in men. An uneasy feeling in the chest is easily mistaken as acidity but if the condition is frequent it may have more to it than it appears. If the chest pain persists for a couple of days, see a trusted cardiologist as soon as possible because acute chest pain could be an early warning sign of a heart attack.

#6. Difficulty in breathing -

If you find it difficult to breathe after a normal physical activity, then it may point towards a possible heart disorder. Conditions such as asthma, lung cancer, pneumonia, chronic bronchitis or a clot in the blood may be the reason behind this occurrence. Shortness of breath is also known as dyspnea. Also Read: Cosmetic Surgery: Getting Rid Of Wrinkles, Moles and Birthmarks

#7. Moles -

Be it, men or women, everyone has moles on their skin and they are extremely harmless. However, if an old mole begins to appear a little different, it may be a cause of concern. One of the major causes of skin cancer are moles that become malignant with time. Also, women especially should keep a close tab on their moles, as changes in moles can be associated with melanoma i.e. the most serious type of skin cancer.

#8. Breast lumps -

Many women's breasts swell before their periods or during pregnancy. However, if you have unusual or new swelling propping up beware because breast lumps are among the most common breast cancer symptoms. Therefore, if you notice a lump in the breast or discoloration (purple or red spots), consult a doctor immediately and seek medical guidance for the same.

#9. Joint pain -

Swelling of legs and persistent pain in joints may point towards arthritis, lupus, kidney or liver disease. Along with joint pain, if you experience swelling, redness or blistering on the legs without any reason, you should consult your physician.

#10. Irregular menstrual cycle -

A regular menstrual cycle is a way for the body to let you know your hormones are sorted. Erratic menstrual cycles increase the risk of reduced fertility and osteoporosis. Along with irregular menstrual cycle, vaginal bleeding after menopause is also not normal. It may seem harmless, but it could be a sign of a serious health problem such as uterine fibroids or endometritis, etc. Therefore, there may be numerous symptoms that may appear generic and trivial. However, these symptoms can be an early warning sign for you to take action upon the same. Thus, this article aims at educating women about the 10 health symptoms women should be aware of and not ignore. Read more about Women Health! Also read about: Healthy Lifestyle for Healthy Heart