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Family Health

This section consists family health articles and how to stay fit by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

eye muscles

8 Ways to strengthen your eye muscles

Ciliary muscles control the eye vision and movements. Stronger eye muscles mean healthier eyes. Just like you work out in the gym to build body muscles and stay healthy, there …

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balance hormones eat right

Eat Right to Balance Hormones

Switch on your television and you would find a hundred commercials on how to care for your outer appearance. Your skin, your hair, your body image- everything has a solution. …

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you know about protein is wrong

Why Everything You Know About Protein Is Wrong

“Make sure you eat twenty-five grams protein in every meal” “If you want muscles, you need to swoop on protein bars” Nobody is more enthusiastic about conversations on protein than …

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Improve Skin Complexion in these 11 ways

Who doesn’t want a flawless, soft and perfect skin? A good skin complexion and tone sans the need for any make-up to cover up blemishes. Have you tried enough beauty products but …

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Best Cold-Pressed Juice

Top 5 cold-pressed juices for a healthy body

The New Year is always a great time to make resolutions about keeping healthy, but we know that it’s not always super easy. Well, we’re here to tell you all …

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How to stop tooth pain fast at home

How to Stop Tooth Pain Fast at Home?

How to Stop Tooth Pain Fast at Home? A toothache is nothing but a mild to severe pain in and around your teeth and jaws. Tooth pain indicates that you …

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Don’t Ignore Your Overweight Kid

Very often, Indian parents tend to look the other way when it comes to the increasing weights of their children. It’s an indication of how well fed he is, or, …

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PCR Tests

How Can Urgent PCR Tests Help Your Business Get Back On Its Feet

With businesses around the world slowly but surely starting to reopen their doors as the pandemic eases its grip, it would seem as though things are finally starting to look …

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What is a pcr test

What is Rapid PCR Test and how is it done?

The rapid PCR test is a credible and accurate test that is used to detect the presence of Coronavirus in the human body. The results drawn by the test specifies …

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Sudden fever is always a bad sign…

#1 Auto-immune diseases “Auto” in Greek means self. These diseases are the result of inflammatory reactions which occur as a result of the body’s immune system attacking its own tissues. …

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Health Insurance plan

Top Reasons To Gift Yourself A Good Health Insurance Plan

Health Insurance has become an absolute necessity in these difficult times. The Covid-19 pandemic has made people realize that people should not only focus on their health but also invest …

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Prescription Drugs Abuse

Prescription Drugs Abuse: Risks And Side Effects

Prescription drug abuse is a severe problem in the United States. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, prescription drugs are now the second most abused substance after marijuana. …

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9 Not-to-Miss Malabsorption Symptoms in Kids

Sometimes, despite giving your child a healthy and balanced diet, they show signs of malnutrition. This occurs due to a condition called Malabsorption, which is the inability of one’s body …

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5 Surprising Reasons you have a Headache

1. Some Cheese? Did you know that aged cheese consists of tyramine which acts as a trigger for headache? It can also be found in specific processed meats and drinks. …

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Dealing with Depression: Everything you need to know

What is depression? Feeling sad or depressed at times is a normal reaction to loss or life’s struggles. However, when intense sadness envelops a person, involving feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness …

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5 ways you can help a socially withdrawn child

It is difficult being the parent of a socially withdrawn child, more so because they find it challenging to develop relationships with peers, display bouts of low self-esteem as a …

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New vaccines in town

Vaccines are an effective means to keep preventable diseases at bay. Measures are being undertaken to develop vaccines that transcend geographical and economical boundaries to ensure a uniform immunization program. …

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health benefits of coffee

8 Amazing Health Benefits of Coffee

After Billie Eilish, Coffee is the second thing that everyone has a crush on. A day without the food is imaginable but without a cup of coffee is unlikely to …

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6 Reasons why your child might be showing signs of lethargy

At times, parents might notice their child (who’s always full of energy) showing signs of lethargy. Many just write it off as a phase, but as a parent, you should …

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Obesity is an epidemic: Who’s to blame?

Talks of obesity being an epidemic is doing the rounds of various news circles, and while it may seem the topic is being blown out of proportion, it is a …

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