“Dheel de” “Aayi Bo” “Kai Po Che”

Come 15th August and your neighborhood will be filled with the echoes of these slangs. These terms are said out loud to celebrate victory shots and to give instructions while flying kites.

15th August marks the Independence Day of India. And besides the patriotic marking, kite-flying has become a symbol for this day.

Flying a kite on and before Independence Day is a way to join the festivities. The holiday is enjoyed across the nation with music, dance, sweets, and of course kites. This activity reflects the spirit of freedom. As a kite flies high against the winds, the Indian population recalls and rejoices to the fact that we are a free and democratic nation.

Credihealth brings you an Independence Day Special. Be prepared with your favorite colors and strings because we will give you more reasons to fly a kite. Apart from the sheer fun of the act, it has many physical and mental health benefits.

Healthy Reasons To Fly A Kite

Let’s have a look at these bonuses of kite flying-

1. Brings Mindfulness

By definition mindfulness means “the quality or state of being aware or conscious of something”. Kite flying is a great activity to improve your awareness. The task requires you to focus your attention on the free-flowing movement of the kite.

Scientifically, this activity has proven the benefits of managing pain and alleviating stress. As you fly a kite you become more aware of your current surroundings. Even looking at a flying kite can be enthralling and captivate your attention to the present moment.

2. Let’s you catch up with nature

In today’s era, food, clothes, books, and almost everything else can be made available inside our homes through the use of mobile. While this innovation has its pros, it has its cons too. We all stay indoors and glued to our gadgets.

Kite flying is one of the many activities that make you go outside. And the added benefit is that you get a chance to enjoy the beauty of nature.

3. Gets you to exercise

We cannot emphasize more on the need for physical activity for the human body. But, if you are a couch potato, flying kites can be a great way to start exercising. The act is simple yet requires attention and movement.

It makes a person more wary and flexible. And it is noted that most people are tempted to take a walk or play a sport after the festivities are over.

4. Helps you to socialize

Okay, swiping right or left is a good way to meet people. But in real life, such festive events give you more space for establishing and celebrating friendships. The kite-flying festival, on the occasion of Independence Day, is the perfect opportunity to meet old friends, have a family gathering or even meet new people.

5. Makes you embrace beauty

The sky is always lovely to gaze at. Now imagine hundreds of colors flying over your head. We understand that it is as pretty as a picture, probably more.

The sight of kite flying is mesmerizing and makes you feel at peace. It is a wonderful chance to appreciate the beauty of the sky, the colors, and much more.

6. Good for eye and neck health

Even if you hit the gym regularly, we are certain that you must not be taking care of your eyes, as much as your arm muscles. Kite flying helps in regulating the nerves and muscles of the eyes. Also, since flying a kite is all about looking up, it is an incredible exercise for your neck. It promotes the flexibility of your ligaments and joints and uplifts bone metabolism.

7. Reduces stress

Next time you feel stressed, don’t watch a movie. Instead, watch a kite take flight in the blue-hued sky. Only by looking at it will your energy be restored.

You can put your worries aside and enjoy the carefreeness of the kites. It is an easy and helpful way to relax. The activity can cheer you up and generate a mood that supports ‘feel-good’ hormones.

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8. Can make you more creative

Kite flying engages the right side of your brain. And thus, it makes you more creative, as you learn how to adapt to the changes in the wind.

A Word From Credihealth

Every clear day can be a good day to fly a kite, but in India, Independence Day becomes the day of choice, as kite-flying symbolizes the sense of freedom and unity.

Marty Rubin rightly said that ‘freedom is the kite’s response to the wind’. So, make the act of kite flying your response to the merriment. And as you find delight in the act, earn scores of health benefits.

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