Himanshu Shekhar Shukla is a 70-year-old retired Air Force Officer who was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer after a PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) test. His health report did not come out to be normal.

What is Prostate Cancer? 

Prostate is the male sex gland located just below the bladder and in front of the rectum, and is responsible for the production of an alkaline secretion. A cancer of the prostate is among the most treatable malignancies if detected in the early stages. Routine screening and innovative technology has improved the diagnostic abilities and minimized the side effects related to prostate cancer treatment.

Treatment begins with a detailed analysis of the results of prostate examination, biopsy, and scans to determine the stage of your prostate cancer. This information will be used by your healthcare professional to finalize the treatment plan.

Immediate treatment may not be necessary in the early stages when the cancer has not spread to other parts of the body. In such low risk cases, active surveillance with regular check-ups with your doctor can be the sole action needed. Active surveillance could also be a choice for older men with other serious health issues, or in their terminal stages.

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Have Seen the worst in life health wise so I now enjoy life. People take life and health issues with a pinch of salt. But yes, when it happened it was the darkest phase of my and my family life.

He mentions he saw good doctors in R&R Hospital (Army Hospital), Medanta -The Medicity and Columbia Asia Hospital. Himanshu tells Credihealth that he no longer fears old-age health issues.

When asked if there was any message he wanted to give people after battling and surviving such a hard time in his life, he says…

One advise to my readers “PREVENTIVE SCREENING”  be it at 20, 30, 40 or later…Get a HUGE health insurance cover and get your medicals checks (Medical Check)  done very very sincerely. After a particular age all men should get their Prostate checked. What breast cancer is to woman…. prostate cancer is to men. If checked in time curable and if not then killer. Lets keep cancer just a zodiac.

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Thank you Himanshu for sharing your story.

We wish people learn to go for regular health checkups and understand the significance of the right doctor’s diagnosis.

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