Stomach flu is often caused by viruses which get into your body either after contact with an infected person or after consumption of contaminated food and water. For the latter reason, it is essential to scrutinize the cleanliness of the place before consuming any food or water. The symptoms of stomach flu are generally seen within 12-48 hours and can range from normal to severe. And, if you are the kind of person who does not like going to doctor that often, then this is exactly what you want to read. We are here giving you a complete guide to home remedies for stomach infection.

Stomach flu is a disease which is curable if you follow some simple home remedies agastrnd take enough rest. However, before we jump to the home remedies, let us first understand the symptoms of the stomach flu.

Symptoms of Stomach Infection

The common symptoms of stomach infection include the following:

  • Watery/ Non-watery diarrhea
  • Stomach cramps and pain
  • Nausea, vomiting or in some cases even both
  • Occasional muscle pain and frequent headaches
  • Low-grade fever

Stomach infection symptoms, if not given due attention can get severe with time. Now that you are aware of what really causes it and what its symptoms are, we can now arrive at the part where you get to know the home remedies for stomach infection.

Home Remedies for Stomach Infection

Stomach infection, like numerous other infections, can also be treated with home remedies at home. Therefore, let us find out the top 5 home remedies for stomach infection or flu below:

1. Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated - home remedies for stomach infection
Home Remedies for Stomach Infection #1. Stay Hydrated

Most of the time in stomach flu, your body loses a lot of water in the form of loose motions or vomiting. To top it all, your food consumption becomes negligible which can lead to a situation of dehydration. To avoid that, it is necessary to keep on having some liquid at regular intervals and in small quantities.

  • Consume: plenty of liquids like clear soda, fresh fruit juices, clear broths, or caffeine-free sports drink
  • Avoid: liquids like coffee, black tea, chocolate drinks, and alcohol. This is because, caffeine can disrupt your sleeping pattern, thereby leading to slow recovery and alcohol can have a reverse effect on your body rather than healing it.

2. Eat Right

home remedies for stomach infection
Stomach Infection Home Remedies #2. Eat Right

It is necessary to have small quantities of food since it is important to eat for the medicines to work. Therefore, eat at the right time and the right quantity is one of the best home remedies for stomach infection.

  • Consume: soups and clear broths, fruit juices, and food which is light on your stomach.
  • Avoid: dairy products, fiber foods, and tomato-based, fatty and spicy foods. Dairy products are heavy on your stomach, and fiber can loosen on bowels so it is best to avoid this kind of food.

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3. Take Rest

home remedies for stomach infection
Home Remedies for Stomach Infection #3. Take Rest

It is important to have proper rest and a good amount of sleep to have a quick recovery. Resting will help to save your energy which can be used to fight the infection and make your immune system stronger in no time. Hands down, a good sleep has amazing effects on your body on a normal hard day so imagine the kind of magic it will work when you are sick. Do not unnecessarily strain yourself, have the correct food, take the medications and you will be okay in no time.

4. Acupressure

home remedies for stomach infection
Stomach Infection Home Remedies #4. Acupressure

This can make wonders happen if you know the correct points to press. Ideally, go to a specialist as one should not press points without any proper knowledge. Acupressure is believed to release you from nausea.

  • One of the points which are super effective home remedies for stomach infection are:
    1. measure three finger-widths down from the bottom of the palm
    2. then apply pressure with your thumb on the soft part between two tendons and massage for a couple of minutes. This will show results in no time.

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5. Use Organic Products

Home Remedies for Stomach Infection #5. Chamomile

Chamomile is a plant which is proven to be one of the most effective home remedies for stomach infection. It is believed to relax muscles and has anti-inflammatory properties. Its medicinal properties relieve diarrhea, stomach cramping, bloating, nausea, and gas. This, if taken twice a day can make you up and run in no time.

Takeaway: Home Remedies for Stomach Infection

All these home remedies for stomach infection will only work if you use all these tactics simultaneously. Proper rest with good food and nutritious food together with timely medications always goes hand in hand to cure any sort of disease.

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