The body requirements of human beings vary from one individual to another. The calorie requirement depends on weight, height, age, stress level, Injury factor, and physical activity status. All these contribute to the varying body’s physiology and requirement.

You can get to know about your total daily energy expenditure from the TDEE calculator. The total daily energy expenditure will help you to analyze: how many calories do I burn a day? To maintain weight or lose weight.

If you are conscious of your weight or want to lose weight, then TDEE can help you in managing your weight goals. The total daily energy expenditure will help you in deciding the amount of energy to be taken on the whole day. The weight loss should be made in healthy ways. Sudden weight loss or crash diets can make the condition even worse. So you must choose the best weight loss program to attain the incredible results in the long-run

Nutritionist or dietitian is a person who can help you in losing weight in healthy ways and managing it properly to prevent the relapse. The self-trials are mostly caused by harm than the benefit. The incomplete knowledge is worse than a complete lack of knowledge.  Take the guidance of the qualified online nutritionist or dietitian in this regard.

The Energy Requirement to Lose Weight

There are two main methods to know about the energy requirement of the body for weight loss.

in the first method, you need to calculate BEE and multiply it with the activity factor then it will become TEE. Subtract 500 calories from this value, and it will be yours per day requirement of the calories. The healthy eating in this range will help you to lose weight in a healthy way means.

In another way, you have to find the BEE with your ideal body weight or the adjusted body weight then multiply it with the physical activity factor. Both methods are helpful in losing weight. For weight loss, the body’s energy intake should be kept less than the body’s energy expenditure, and it will burn excess body fat.

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Factors Affecting the Daily Energy Requirement of the Body

There are many factors that affect the total daily energy expenditure of the body in various ways. As the age increases the body requirement of energy and calories decreases, as the body needs maintenance in this age. The children need a high amount of calories for proper growth and development. The energy requirement of females is less than males due to body variation and physical activity. The females have more tendency to gain fat or weight than males, that’s why their energy requirement is lower than males. The height is also a factor that affects the total energy requirement of the day.

As the intensity, frequency or duration of the physical activity enhances on a regular basis, the total energy requirement also increases to fill up the gap of increased energy otherwise body starts utilizing its own protein that is harmful. The enhanced physical activity burns or mobilizes the body fat and gains the lean mass of the body. This leads to a high energy requirement than the previous normal condition.

The Distribution of the Macronutrients

After the energy calculation, it is very important to distribute the macronutrients wisely that will enhance the weight loss process in the body.

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  • carbohydrates should be kept in the majority from 50 to 65 %.
  • The proteins should be within the range of 15 to 20 %. Protein helps in losing weight and gaining lean mass, but the amount higher than this can lead to the overburden on the kidney.
  • The fats should be consumed in ranges between 20 to 30 %.


This distribution of the macronutrients has been designed in a very logical way to lose weight and to maintain a healthy weight of a person.

The Pattern of Eating

The pattern of eating means the frequency and time of meals per day. It is suggested to take a small five to six meals per day that can be divided into three meals and three snacks. This pattern seems to have a record in losing weight than the large three-time meals. This keeps the body full and energized the whole day. It encourages physical activity as well that will enhance and speed up the weight loss journey of the person.

Bedtime eating or snacking is really not good for losing weight. It aids in the reverse process that is weight gain. This pattern also causes an imbalance of the hormones that additionally causes weight gain and difficult for the body to lose weight.

The breakfast should be full of nutrients like an egg or milk to accompany the whole day’s activities. It will digest easily. The dinner should be made as light as possible in order to burden the body to digest it. After the dinner, the person lay down to rest that enhances the eight eventually and not a healthy option — sleep after at least 2 hours after eating dinner so that it will digest at this time.

Do Not Follow the Rule “Cut Off

Some people follow the rule of cut off. They fully cut off the fat from their diet to lose weight. But the case is totally opposite. The extreme fat deficiency can lead the body to stop its normal functioning, and the body will enter the starving condition that is an alarming situation.

Some people go for the crash diets in which there is minimal or no carbohydrates. These are also non-worthy diets. The body’s major fuel is carbohydrates. In the absence of carbohydrates, the body will get fatigued. The right amount and the right choice of carbohydrates like fiber aids in weight loss. The crash diets only provide side effects like bone mineral loss, dehydration, loss of electrolytes, loose skin, fatigue and many more. The best way is to provide a balanced diet at the right time that includes all food groups within the recommended amounts.

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