Pregnancy is one of the most crucial moments in the lives of couples, especially ladies. It comes with the sweetest moments but there are many hardships, especially for those who are expecting for the first time. You should have an Ob-Gyn (Obstetrician-gynaecologist)  who will take your care during the pregnancy and deliver your baby. So, how can you choose the right Ob-Gyn for your pregnancy? Let’s find out. g

  1. Check with your friends and families, and look for Ob-Gyn’s reputation

    Since this is going to be a long-term association with the Ob-Gyn, it is essential that you do a bit of a background check about them. Ask your friends and families who might have consulted an Ob-Gyn and get to know about their reputation. As this pregnancy journey is going to be full of very intimate body and health issues, you will have to ensure that you select an excellent Ob-Gyn for yourself. Getting a referral from friends and families is one of the best ways to select an ob-gyn for your pregnancy. Pro tip: get referrals from people who have a similar mindset as yours on pregnancy, childbirth, and parental care.

  2. How approachable is your Ob-Gyn?

    During your pregnancy, you might encounter untimely issues that will require emergency calls or frequent queries. You will have to make sure that your doctor is available throughout your pregnancy to cater to your emergency calls or frequent queries. Another factor you need to consider in approachability is the distance from your home. The clinic should be easily accessible and near to your home. In case of any emergency, you won’t want to spend more time on the road and make things worse. Also, you will have to check the timings of the clinics, especially if you’re a working lady. You should be able to book appointments with your Ob-Gyn before or after your working hours.

  3. Is your Ob-Gyn gentle and calm?

    The Ob-Gyn you’re going to choose for your pregnancy should be very gentle and friendly with you to make sure that your journey is smooth and comfortable. When you go to meet your ob-gyn for the first time, make sure to judge them for their responsiveness, helpfulness, reliability, and patience. You will have to make sure that the doctor is willing to answer all your questions because pregnancy will make you question a lot of things happening to you.

  4. Select your ob-gyn according to your health history

    Do you have any chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart-related disease, or any previous complications with your pregnancy? In such a case, you might require some special care. This is why ensure that you share all your medical history with your doctor and ask them whether they have experience in dealing with such cases or not. If this is your second pregnancy and you had a c-section earlier, are you looking for a normal delivery this time? If so, you’ll have to make sure that your ob-gyn is an expert in Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC).

So, these are some points you need to keep in mind if you want to choose the best ob-gyn for your pregnancy. The pregnancy period is a roller coaster ride and with a good gynecologist by your side, you can smoothly go through the ups and downs. Make sure your ob-gyn is approachable, has a good demeanor, and has a good reputation.

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Author Bio: Dr. Akshaya Doddamini is one of the best gynaecologists in Bangalore who is currently practising at Ovum Hospitals, one of the most trusted and recommended maternity hospitals in Bangalore for pregnancy and childbirth.

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