How to Get a National Provider Identifier (NPI) Online

How to Get a National Provider Identifier (NPI) Online
How to Get a National Provider Identifier (NPI) Online
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Under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability act, there is a provision that all healthcare providers that fall into the bracket of a covered entity be equipped with a national provider identifier (NPI). The latter is a standard ten-digit number and can be applied online.Note that you can perform an NPI lookup for a health organization or provider in several ways. NPPES NPI Registry is the official NPI lookout website. You can begin the search using the NPI number or name.

What is the Importance of a National Provider Identifier?

The National Provider Identifier is essential in that it's in line with HIPAA standards. It's meant to simplify billing. NPI is an identification number that's acknowledged by health plans. With the NPI number, one doesn't have to report, maintain, and even track several provider identification numbers.To get an NPI number, you should complete a paper application online or via an organization. Providers can use any of the acceptable options. NPI Online application is preferred in that it is fast and economical when tracking the status. Note that there are no charges applied when applying for the NPI number. Below are the steps to follow when applying for one.

Visit the NPPES website

In the national plan and provider enumeration system website, navigate to the NPI webpage, and look under how to apply for an NPI for individual providers. Create a login through the identity and access management system. 

Follow the instructions on the application

There is a help tab option at the top right of the pages where you can get assistance online. You just have to click on the new NPI application, and then you read the terms and then submit the new NPI application.

Provider profile

Fill in the provider profile information and then answer "NO" to the question, 'is the provider a sole proprietor?'Enter your residency program address and residency phone number. Accept the standardized option under the business mailing address standardization. Other identification numbers may be required to be filled like the UPIN provider numbers, but you can proceed to the next step if you do not have one.

Taxonomy/ License information

There are more than 175 taxonomy codes, and you are required to choose only one taxonomy code. For the non-licensed, select provider type code 39, select students in an organized health care training program. Click on save. While for a licensed physician, click provider type code 20. For licensed dentists, select 12, then enter the license numbers and states where you are permitted. Finish by clicking on save.

Provide contact person information

List yourself as the contact person as you can respond to your application in case of any inquiry. You can add your home phone number and address under the more information.

Certification statement

A certification statement will be generated and once you have read it, click on submit. Your application will now be processed. Also, an email concerning your NPI will be issued within a period of close to two weeks.Since NPI is mandatory and in accordance with the HIPAA, one can apply for his or her NPI online at the comfort of his home. The online application is relatively cheap and an efficient means of getting the NPI by following the earlier listed steps.
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