How To Get Your Voice Back?

Learn how to get your voice back quickly with these home remedies. Rest your voice, drink plenty of fluids, & avoid whispering to help recover from laryngitis.

How To Get Your Voice Back?
How To Get Your Voice Back?
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Remember the last time you wanted to speak, but all that could come out of your mouth was blabbering words? That is one of the worst things to experience; losing your voice and opting for a pen or paper to communicate. At the same time, there are various reasons for losing the voice, like a sore throat, cold infection, or singing aloud above your power. However, there are simple tricks to get your voice back, like gargling with salt water or using a humidifier. This blog will look at effective tricks and solutions on How to get your voice back?

What causes a loss of voice?

how to get your voice backThough there are common reasons for losing one's voice, it might help to know the reasons. This can help you pick the right solution or treatment per your needs.

1. Laryngitis-

Voice can be lost due to different reasons like laryngitis. Laryngitis occurs when the larynx is infected. This results in an irritated and inflamed voice. Many cases of laryngitis can be due to viral reasons like the common cold. This typically heals on its own in three to four weeks.Book an online appointment with the Best Laryngitis Doctors in India

2. Overusing the voice-

It is quite common for singers to lose their voice when they make their voice box irritated by overusing their voice. Sometimes, yelling loudly at sports or games, and concerts can also expose the environment to pollutants and smoke. 

3. Disturbed vocal cords-

The voice box contains vocal cords; when these cords open and close smoothly, you can hear clear words. But if they are disturbed, then this can lead to the loss of voice. This happens because the vocal cord has become swollen and inflamed. The voice, in this instance, can sound hoarse and can become quiet too.Now that we have understood some ways of losing one's voice let's look at different home remedies for recovering this lost voice.

What are the remedies for recovering your lost voice?

how to get your voice backAs your voice is lost, you must take care of the voice box and follow these instructions in the future.

1. Resting-

Resting is one the most crucial factors determining if your voice will be back soon or if it will take some more time to get it back. Inflammation and irritation of the cords and voice box must be resolved because these will help you regain that voice. Also, Try to avoid speaking or whispering as much as possible. This includes refraining from unnecessary conversations, yelling, or singing. Resting your vocal cords allows them to heal and reduces strain. 

2. Over-the-counter medications-

Corticosteroids can help reduce inflammation and can make the voice clearer. If you are experiencing the symptoms of irritation and inflammation, then this medication can reduce it. Your doctor can also consider giving you a shot course of steroids to speed up the healing process. However, corticosteroids can have some risks and should not be taken regularly.Also Read: How Long Is Immune System Compromised After Steroids?

3. Warm beverages -

Yes, warm beverages can be soothing and helpful for your voice during vocal rest. Warm beverages, including water, tea, and coffee, relieve and promote healing.An infection often causes laryngitis, so taking precautions like that in a viral infection is important. Rest and drink a lot of liquids that can help soothe the irritated throat and keep the airways moisturized. Taking a smaller sip every hour of warm beverages will be good.Also Read: What Is the Difference Between a Bacterial and Viral Infection?

4. Taking a shower with hot water-

The stream for the hot shower works like a warm drink and helps moisten the vocal cords and soothe the throat. Inhaling the stream from the shower bath can help reduce hoarseness and clear up the vocal cords of sticky secretions that can cause laryngitis symptoms.Showering with hot water can provide temporary relief and help alleviate congestion or dryness in the throat and nasal passages. However, it does not directly impact the recovery of your voice. 

5. Gargling with salt water-

Gargling with salt water is one of the most effective solutions for How to get your voice back.Gargling with salt water can help treat laryngitis to keep the throat moist and help remove bacteria from the throat. Mix some salt in the water and gargle with it a few times daily. One of the fastest ways to get your voice back.

6. Suck on Lozenges-

Sucking on lozenges can help increase the saliva liquid in the mouth, which can help keep the throat moist. A moist throat can help get the word out of the mouth with less effort. Also, try taking lozenge with honey, as it has natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.Also Read: Candy 150mg Capsule: Price, Uses & Side Effects

7. Try to talk less and do not whisper-

You must have heard that you should avoid speaking if you have a bad voice, as this can create more problems for the vocal cords. You should even avoid whispering, as it is known that it can worsen laryngitis, and your voice can become more hoarse.

8. Get a humidifier at home-

Inhaling humid steam can keep the upper airways moisturized, which can remove the directions around the vocal cords. Unfortunately, these secretions cause the airways to become inflamed and irritated. That can help get your voice back and using a humidifier throughout the day or while sleeping can help with many voice-related problems.

9. Avoid smoking-

If you are a smoker and have been smoking for some time, you should know that smoking can lead to inflammation of the throat and lungs. It can also cause problems in healing from voice box-related problems. Thus, staying away from smoking and staying out of an environment of smoke is important. If you are a regular smoker, consider getting a patch to prevent smoking.

10. Reduce alcohol consumption-

Alcohol can irritate the throat, like smoking, exacerbating laryngitis symptoms. Drinking alcohol can also delay healing, so avoid smoking and drinking to get your voice back. Alcohol can also interfere with your judgments, and you will temp to use your voice which is not recommended when you want your voice back.

When to see the doctor?

Laryngitis is a condition that can require medical assistance. If the symptoms of laryngitis last longer than two weeks and the condition comprises painful swelling in the throat, you might see the doctor. If you have chronic laryngitis accompanied by acid reflux, it will be best to get a physical examination recommended by a specialist if necessary.


Voice is an important part of our everyday life, and we require it to always be there with us. Communication becomes easier if you have a hoarse or crampy voice. Thus, you should take care of your voice. It is more important for singers, anchors, and sports enthusiasts to ensure they are not putting too much pressure on their voice box, as this pressure can make it difficult for them to regain their voice.If you have lost your voice, getting enough rest and letting the vocal cords and voice box rest for some time is important. Even after great effects, if your voice is not returning, you should get medication from a doctor.Book an online appointment with Best Vocal Cord Surgeon in India

Frequently Asked Questions

What can be the reasons for losing voice completely?

Respiratory infections and irritants can cause complete loss of voice.

How to recover a damaged voice?

Some ways of recovering a damaged voice are drinking warm water, gargling, and resting the voice box.

How long will it take for my voice to come back?

Your voice can take one to five days for your voice to come back.

How to get my voice back in three days?

You can regain your voice in three days by gargling with salt water.

What are the causes of a harsh voice?

Bronchitis and laryngitis can be the reasons for a hoarse voice.

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