Sweaty palms are one of the biggest problems one could face that can affect your lifestyle. Having sweaty palms occasionally is not a problem because that is just human nature and can be caused due to high body temperature. But if your hands get sweaty every other day, then there might be an actual reason behind it.

So the question is, how can you control your sweaty palms and get rid of this hassle? The good news is, some solutions can help you out in this regard, but you will have to keep some critical things in mind for them to work.

What causes excessive sweaty palms?

Before getting towards the solutions, let us first check out what causes excessive sweaty palms?

Primary Hyperhidrosis

If we talk about the primary hyperhidrosis, known as excessive sweating, it is caused due to the inheritance from your family tree. There is no “actual” reason or disease behind the primary hyperhidrosis, but it can indeed be controlled via different methods.

Secondary Hyperhidrosis

Secondary hyperhidrosis can be caused due to specific reasons and conditions. Some of them include:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Pregnancy
  • Gout
  • Diabetes
  • Excessive use of alcohol or any liquor
  • Heart problems
  • Certain drugs/medications

If you are going through any of the conditions above (along with some others that are not mentioned), it is best to consult a doctor. If the problem is not severe enough, you can undoubtedly try the methods mentioned below!

Best ways to treat sweaty palms!

Here are some of the most effective ways that might work great for your sweaty palms. So do not forget to follow each method thoroughly!

Use of antiperspirants

Antiperspirants can significantly affect your palms and hands, and they can also help you control the effect. The thing to note down here is that the antiperspirants are used to manage the sweat for the time being. So the thing is, it is not the permanent solution, but it will offer you feasibility and ease.

Also, do not mix up antiperspirants with deodorants, as most people thought of both things as the same. Deodorants are typically used for armpits, whereas antiperspirants can be used for hands too!

Alcohol-based wipes

The alcohol-based wipes can solve another solution for the excessive sweating on your palms. You can quickly get your hands on such wipes and can use them whenever you want. Alcohol-based wipes tend to absorb all the sweat from your palms and control it for a specific period.

Talcum Powder

Using talcum powder to treat your sweaty palms is the easiest way you can find it. As talcum powder is readily available in every home, you can quickly treat your hands whenever your palms get sweaty. Talcum powder will help you to keep your hands dry and smooth. But do not use a lot of powder, or it might ruin your work or the task you are performing.

Get yourself only sweat-proof peripherals

It is undoubtedly a great idea to get sweat-proof peripherals that you use in your daily life. You will unquestionably have to spend some bucks to get what you want, but it will surely be worth it.

Most of us spend or sit for hours in front of our computers, working, writing, or completing several tasks. It does not matter if they are school-related or work-related; our palms indeed get sweaty during the period.

That is why I recommend you check out the sweat absorbing gaming mice review by GamerzPick that can help you make your professional life better. These mice are designed specifically for sweaty hands, and they absorb every drop of it to offer the very best experience to the users. Not only that, but their texture is also sweat-proof that disables your hands from producing sweat in any way.

In the same way, you can get sweat-proof gloves, keyboards, and other such things.

Drink chilled beverages

The studies state that chilled beverages can help a person to control sweat. You can either go for the chilled water, or you can drink chilled juices or sodas to free yourself from this hectic condition. But also note that excessive use of alcoholic beverages might be injurious to your health, so avoid alcoholic drinks at all costs. Other than that, there is no actual harm in trying this method out!

Organic apple vinegar

Apple vinegar helps you to control your pH levels and balance other different things perfectly. But remember that you do not have to drink or make a beverage out of the apple vinegar, but you have to wipe it on your palms for the best effect. It might seem sticky at first, but the results of apple vinegar are usually fascinating.

Control your body temperature

If you are literally working in a hot environment where the temperature is above average, what more can you expect than sweaty hands? It is very usual for our hands to be sweaty if we are in a sample hot place for a specific time. So the best course of action here could be to lower down the room temperature so that your body could also cool down.

You can try integrating an air conditioner in your room as it is the most feasible solution to control the temperature. Other than that, you can try closing the curtains if sunlight passes through them. Otherwise, let them be so that the airflow could be better.

Consult a doctor

If all of the methods mentioned above did not work for you, and you are still facing sweating problems, then it is time to consult a doctor.  You might have to go through surgery to fix this issue once and for all. But, it might also improve after some medication prescribed by the doctors. So yes, it is undoubtedly worth a shot!

Final Verdict!

As you might now know that there are some easy ways and some hassling ways to treat your sweaty palms. But the sure thing is that it is crucial to fix them. Otherwise, you might face some serious consequences later. So do not take sweaty palms lightly and treat them with whatever method is feasible for you!


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