In the past, every parent would avoid this moment especially when their kids ask the weirdest questions such as “Where do babies came from?” This is a difficult question and most parents would try to ignore it or imagine all the types of lies to avoid the curiosity this subject can bring. 

However, the best decision you can make is to be sincere and start sex education with your children at an appropriate age. Since this topic is so sensitive for parents, it’s imperative to learn why it’s essential to speak about sex and its consequences.

Sex education shouldn’t be left for parents only, tutors and teachers should also help as they normally have a good amount of time with their students. Children taking online classes and do online exams can also learn sex education as there are resources online about early sex and its risks. Below are some of the benefits that come with early sex education to your kids.

  • It Helps Teens To Know Their Safer Options.

Having knowledge about sex is vital to the teens, especially to the girls bearing in mind that abstinence is becoming an uphill task to the teens. The teens who cannot abstain will know when they are safe to have sex and what safer sex means. They will not only understand why to use a condom but also how to effectively use it. With this, they will avoid contracting STDs and STIs. Furthermore, girls will avoid getting early pregnancies.

  • Helps Parents to Teach Moral Values to Their Kids

Early sex education helps parents to teach their children essential values they should uphold in society. Apart from teaching them to be about the importance of abstaining or having protected sex, parents also teach their kids to be good people in the community. Good moral behavior coupled with the know-how on sex and related-issues, these children will grow with the standard ethical behavior.

  • Reduce Stigma That Comes with Sexuality

Talking about sex and sexuality has been very difficult for a longer time because of the shame and discomfort that comes with it. Traditionally, talking about sex was taboo, more so in front of children. Due to the ever-changing technological world and the need to teach our children the risks that come with early sex, people have embrace talking about it without shame.

  • Helps Teens to Know the Risks of Having Alternative to Vaginal Sex

When teenagers are not given accurate information about sexual risks, what do they do? Some will opt for oral or anal sex instead of vaginal sex as most of them don’t see oral sex as risky. This happens with the teens that undergone abstinence-only education. This type of sex education teaches teens to abstain without telling them the broad meaning of sex. When teens get comprehensive sex education, they will know all types of sex and their risks.


It’s imperative to be open-minded and learn all the approaches before your child is old enough to search the information on the Internet. Be his friend and confidant, remembering that you are his parent and want what is best for him. When they ask questions, tell them the truth, or else they will be misled. 

Schools should include sexual education in their curriculum. In the process, cases concerning early child pregnancy will decline. Abortion cases will highly reduce when the kids are taught what is wrong and what is right. Furthermore, the HIV/AIDS rate of infection will decline when the kids are taught about the consequences of unprotected sex, which is within sexual education.

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