Pallavi Gupta, a senior executive in an international bank, is a 35 year-old ambitious woman who worked hard for 12 years to carve a remarkable career in the corporate world. Today, she is struggling hard to bring her own child into this world but doctors say her biological clock, which also ran as fast her career, has timed out.

Disheartened, disappointed and depressed – she looked back and appraised her decision of delayed pregnancy…

Pallavi is not alone.

According to World Health Organisation, about 23% of Asian women face problems getting pregnant or bringing pregnancy to full-term.

It is a scientifically proven fact that women are born with a set number of eggs and they remain in ovaries till the trigger comes to mature and release them. We can say, women eggs are like a non-renewable resource, which keeps depleting over a period of time and no new eggs are formed. Hence the fertility rate decreases with growing age. For a woman in her 20s, fertility rate is at 95%; in her 30s, it declines to as low as 25%; and after that it is only a downward spiral.

In the current times, when women are more focused on their careers and financial independence, their role of child-bearers takes a back seat. Babies are viewed as an additional burden on time and resources as well as interruption towards the professional excellence.

Later, when women feel they have achieved enough and can give better upbringing to the child, they realize that their biological clock ticked faster than they thought which happens as a result of high stress and poor lifestyle habits. Infertility is attributed to blocked fallopian tubes, ovulation disorder and fibroids in 80% of the cases.

Countless cups of coffee, long working hours, irregular eating schedule, junk food and no physical exercise – all these collectively bring about hormonal imbalances that interfere with ovulation cycle and causing other fertility problems. A Harvard Medical School research study found that stress upsets hormonal balance, leading to irregular menstruation, contraction of fallopian tubes and obstructed movement of eggs.

Motherhood may be perceived difficult but it is definitely the most rewarding one. Like what Lin Yutang, a Chinese writer and author of the book The Importance of Living, once said “Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother.”

So don’t wait too long to exercise this supreme right and while you are waiting follow few healthy lifestyle tips to beat untimely infertility:

  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Practise meditation and yoga to de-stress
  • Kick the butt – say no to smoking
  • Moderate your alcohol intake or give up altogether

Be aware. Be free.

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