Sunday , September 24 2017
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International Mental Health Day

International Mental Health Day is celebrated to bring about the awareness about mental disorders and diseases. Mental health is still a taboo around the world. If a person is physically unwell, he is advised to visit a doctor and figure out the cause of the illness. While in case of a mental disorder, it is difficult for people to understand the situation of the ones suffering and thus easy to neglect the patient as a mischief creator or someone who seeks attention. It is important to recognize mental illness as a logical cause. With the spreading of awareness regarding deficiencies in the body or situation that lead to mental disorders can help save many lives and help the ones with chronic diseases to step out of their hole and seek asylum. 

It is important to understand that just like common cold, mental illness can affect anyone. It includes many types of disorders that requires medical attention. They deserve the right diagnosis and care. Any person with a mental disorder, who like in the case of any other illness is not be left alone. The patient requires constant support and help from those who care for him.

This International Mental Health Day’s theme talks about providing Psychological First Aid. In case of any disaster, we rush to help all those in need. Some learn the art of providing First Aid, so that can be of help to those in need at a time of emergency. Similarly, providing support to those who are distressed goes a long way and may help save many lives. Learning the art of providing psychological first day helps those who are on the verge of crashing any minute. The person who has an experience in Psychological First Aid, knows how to calm the distressed ones and understand their situation, helping them seek further medical assistance for what is bothering them.

International Mental Health Day was first celebrated in 1992 by World Federation of Mental Health. More than 150 countries are members of the World Federation of Mental Health. On this day, every year people get together to share their support for mental health awareness. The effect of mental illness on people’s life is discussed and ways to ensure mental health are discussed.  

With the spreading of awareness regarding deficiencies in the body or situations that lead to mental disorders, people around the world will eventually come to accept mental illness as any other illness that can affect anyone. This will help save many lives. It will also help the ones suffering to step out of their hole and seek asylum. They will be assured that aren’t alone, thus making it easy for them to ask for help.

If we don’t act immediately, Depression, one of the types of mental illness will be the leading illness globally. It is not the only type of mental illness that’s on the rise. People are diagnosed with Bipolar Disorders and Personality Disorders, every day. Many continue to live their lives, struggling on a regular basis, fighting their thoughts and emotions , trying to make a place in the world. They fail to understand that they are actually a victim of mental illness. They need external support to be able to understand and align their thought process. Thus, it is the need of the hour to understand the situation of those who suffer silently in pain. It is important to help them leave their problems behind and start new lives. It will only improve the efficiency of the masses and bring about the output of nations leading to growth and prosperity.