Have you been wondering if Rhinoplasty hurts? How much pain were you expected to tolerate and how much time needed to fully recover from this complex yet custom surgery to meet your expectations and or by-function needs. To have a successful nose job, you have to take into full consideration the ability of the physician that will do the job right.

Unlike surgeries done on the chest or abdomen, Rhinoplasty’s recovery time can be determined by the individual’s appearance. There is no known interference with primary functions on the body. Rhinoplasty is a surgery done to fix the cartilage and bone on the skin underneath your nose.


Understanding Rhinoplasty: Does Rhinoplasty Hurt?

As a patient, you wanted to determine all the necessary information before you go under the procedure. While some entice you with discounts, promotions, and the likes, finding a rhinoplasty specialist is vital to the success and recovery after the operation. In this instance, Masri Clinic is one of the top nose jobs plastic surgery practices that offer the best techniques when it comes to Rhinoplasty. With over 30 years of experience, it is no wonder he already knows the ins and outs of this procedure more than anyone else.

With Rhinoplasty, the amount of pain that you’ll have varies; however, according to patient testimonials and experiences states that pain is minimal to moderate. The intensity of pain, at any level, usually lasts for about 36 to 72 hours. However, there are records of having more prolonged pain for bumped or manipulated cases.

Your nose will remain sensitive for a couple to three months after surgery. By that time, your nose is still delicate to touch, and recovery is vital to the overall success of the nose job.

The stages of pain that you’ll experience after Rhinoplasty depends on the treatment that you had.

  • Bruising will eventually diminish every single day.
  • Swelling continues to decrease.

Allowing natural healing helps your nose recover faster. Without manipulation and the likes, you’ll have your nose healed about three months or 100 days. However, your appearance will gradually improve day by day.

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Recovery Timeline After The ‘Nose Job’

Generally, Rhinoplasty recovers after ten days, five days with a splint to protect the area and another five days for the nose to heal. By that time, you can go back to your routine, less the activities that require contact.

Allow about six weeks to help your nose get back to it’s solid, rock-hard form. That way, all the affected tissues should weld back together. The rapidity of your recovery varies to your compliance with medical instructions, type of procedure you had, and the medications associated with the treatment.


Tips To Help Reduce Swelling/Pain After Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty requires proper care into the affected area, and it’s vital to know what and whatnot after the procedure. These tips must always be kept in mind to manage the pain and trouble that you may experience.

  • Always listen to your surgeon as they know the do’s and don’ts for faster recovery and minimal tolerable pain.
  • Check with your body. Above everyone else, it’s you who can determine if there is something wrong going on after the procedure.
  • Keep the head elevated at all times. At least six weeks after the treatment, it’s essential to keep your head elevated and avoid sleeping on your sides.
  • Cold compresses work wonders especially in the next three days after your surgery. It will gradually reduce bruising and swelling.
  • Maintain your healthy diet after the treatment as your body will need more of that.
  • Getting enough rest is essential after the surgery. Avoid activities for the moment until your surgeon tells you so.
  • Never blow your nose, as much as possible, resist the feeling that you wanted to blow the nose for at least three months to allow full recovery.
  • Stay cool and avoid steamy showers or hot soups no matter how tempting it can feel. The main reason why there is a considerable percentage of people getting a nose job by winter is to help heal the surgery faster too.
  • Stay out of glasses for the moment.
  • Avoid doing vigorous exercises.
  • Stay out of the heat or the sun.
  • Never smoke, before and after your surgery.



The bottom line is that your surgeon will explain the full details of the treatment to help you manage your expectations and be ready with the outcome, including the pain and recovery procedure to see it’s lifelong effects. There are specific ways on how you can deal with the pain of post-surgery. With this, Rhinoplasty is still a popular treatment with guaranteed success after minimal to moderate post-surgery pain.


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