It was almost after seven years of my marriage and I was not being able to conceive and get pregnant. I had consulted many well-known gynecologists for those seven years, but all of them were of the same opinion that I should wait for the natural conception. I was totally under depression because of the Indian Society’s common question that why I am unable to conceive. Even the gynecologists were of the opinion that at times there are certain cases where the infertility cannot be defined and they are not able to give any reason for it.

I had tried IUI (artificial insemination) thrice and even Laparoscopy to get pregnant, before I decided to opt for IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) method.

When I decided to go for an IVF, I started searching a good, credible and experienced Doctor as the treatment was not just a financial investment but it was also an emotional investment for me as my health and well being were my major concerns. I started asking my friends and acquaintances around me when one of my family friends had suggested an Ahmedabad based IVF specialist. I had also read many articles talking about the success ratio of the IVF cases handled by that doctor. Though there were a lot of apprehensions and concerns related to IVF treatment in my mind, I decided to consult that doctor and all my queries were resolved by the IVF center. There was a separate counseling session conducted by their team to answer all my questions till I got a satisfactory answer.

Even after solving all my doubts I had to prepare myself mentally for the treatment as I heard about women going for the IVF twice and thrice and still they were unsuccessful in conceiving. In some of the cases, even after conceiving there were cases of miscarriage.

Finally, keeping all the negative thoughts aside, I made up my mind and started thinking positive about the treatment. Once I prepared myself mentally, for me half of the battle was won as I was lucky enough to not to have any financial issues and I could afford the treatment.

I had this amazing feeling when the doctor told me that the result is positive. My family and specially my husband was very happy with this news. I was blessed with a baby girl and a baby boy. Thankfully, now I feel that I have a complete family.

My advice for all the females who are planning for IVF is first have a positive approach towards the treatment. It is normal to have apprehensions, doubts and concerns about the treatment. However, as per my experience the treatment is very safe. Take proper counseling and solve all your doubts with your doctor as well as have your family and your partner on the same ground. Choose the right doctor and a right IVF center, go through references that might work. Complete care and rest should be taken once woman has undergone the treatment and when I say rest it’s not only a physical rest but also a mental rest.

Motherhood is a choice and also one of the beautiful things that could happen to a woman!

Contributed by a Happy Mother of Two Toddlers.

*Contributor of this article wanted to keep her identity Anonymous

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