8 Symptoms of Kidney Infection & Disease You Must Know About

Kidneys failure dramatically affects the health of a person. Come, lets check out some most common symptoms of kidney infection and disease.

8 Symptoms of Kidney Infection & Disease You Must Know About
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Kidneys are important organs of the body with multiple functions. But, due to various factors, they may experience problems that can affect the whole body. Mostly all kidney or renal diseases are asymptomatic which makes it difficult for early diagnosis. Thus, it is very important to know the early symptoms of kidney infection/diseases. Therefore, to make your job easier, here I am mentioning some early signs which should not be overlooked at any cost.

Symptoms of Kidney Infection & Disorder

When Kidneys fail or become out of order it dramatically affects the health of a person. Come, let's check out some most common symptoms of kidney infection and disease.

Change in Urine

The Kidneys are the organ which is directly related to the production of urine so their failure inevitably leads to abnormal urinary problems. In renal failure, the person is prone to experience the following symptoms:
  • Frequent urination at night
  • Pain during urination
  • Weak or more abundant urine
  • Foamy or Bubbly urine
  • Difficulty urinating and feeling pressure
  • Colored urine, darker or lighter.


When the kidneys are damaged or stop working properly it becomes very difficult to filter the blood in the body. As they can't eliminate the excess of fluids which when accumulated in the body causes swelling or Edema. This swelling can be anywhere ankles, feet, hands and sometimes in the face. So whenever you feel such type of swellings without any known reason. Please be sure if it is not an early sign of kidney disorder by consulting the right kidney doctor near you immediately.


When kidney stops working properly, it results in the accumulation of toxins and waste products. This can lead to persistent fatigue. But fatigues can be caused due to some other factors related to renal dysfunction. One of the kidney's function is to produce erythropoietin; this is actually a hormone that stimulates the production of blood cells by the bone marrow. In the case of kidney disorder, these tissues don't work properly which causes the low production of a erythropoietin which ultimately reduces red blood cells this error results in anemia which is always accompanied by fatigue. You may also like to read: Sarwangasana Benefit For Complete Health.


If you get any itching accompanied by dry skin, it can probably be the sign of the onset of a Kidney Disease. When the Kidneys are unable to perform their function toxins get accumulated in the body which causes itching and tingling all over the body. Itching is caused due to a high level of phosphorus in the blood which unhealthy kidneys fail to filter. Thereafter, the phosphorus gets access in the body, binding itself to the calcium which results in the formation of Crystal that causes itching.

Metallic Taste in Mouth

Accumulation of too much toxic and waste in the body hampers the effectiveness of the taste buds also. People who suffer from kidney ailments are less appreciative of their foods because their taste buds do not respond as per requirement. Those affected with the kidney disease more often than not feel metal like taste in the mouth. Also, read about: Best Diet For Hyperthyroidism & Hypothyroidism - What To Eat & Avoid.


Among the most common symptoms of Kidney Disease is a pain in the lower side and back. This usually indicates a problem of the kidney stone, kidney infection or kidney failure. Therefore, one must immediately contact their doctor if any of these signs appear.

Blood in Urine

Healthy kidneys typically retain the blood cells in the body while filtering wastes from the blood to create normal urine. But when the kidneys become out of order, these blood cells probably can start to leak out into the urine. In addition to indicating kidney disease, blood in the urine can be a sign of tumors, an infection and kidney stones. Also, read about: Foods To Avoid If You Have Kidney Stones.


When the kidneys aren't working properly, toxins remain accumulated in the blood rather than leaving the body through the urine. This can make it difficult to have better sleep. There is a great link between obesity and chronic kidney disease, and insomnia. Sleep disorder is more common in those with chronic kidney disease, compared with the general people. If you notice any symptoms of kidney infection or disorder. Immediately consult with your doctor.

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