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kidney transplant
kidney transplant

Kidney Transplant – Post Transplant Care

Post-transplant care is very essential to ensure a successful kidney transplant and avoid any factors that induce kidney damage. This usually comprises of lifestyle changes, dietary restrictions, and sticking to the medication regime.

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Medication Schedule

  1. Post your transplant the patient would be prescribed range of medications to address post-surgical pain, any post-op infections and immunosuppressants to avoid any immune reactions towards the “new” kidney.
  2. With the exception of immunosuppressant, most of the drugs are weaned off with passing time and good rehab.
  3. It is important for the patient to stick to the regime.
  4. A regular updation on the medication is a must depending on the recovery of the patient.
  5. Any OTC medications being taken along side by the patient must also be conferred with the patient’s physician.

Quit Alcohol and Smoking

It is essential to quit both smoking and alcohol consumption, since both of these may contribute to long term kidney failure. Smokers have an increased predisposition to any transplant failure. Alcohol consumption may lead to weight gain. In the long run, chronic consumption may lead to interaction with the immunosuppressant and rise in blood pressure.

Switch to a Healthy Lifestyle

  1. If the patient is obese, diabetic or has a blood pressure problem, then the doctor might address these conditions prior to the transplant. He would suggest lifestyle modifications suggesting daily exercise, eating less spicy, salty, fatty and sweet food.
  2. Intake of healthy food.
  3. Moderate exercise post-transplant as well.
  4. Avoiding outside food goes a long way as food from outside may increase chances of infections and add to the unhealthy fat content in the body.
  5. Maintaining personal hygiene to reduce the chances of infections. Due to compromised immunity of the body post transplant, practicing hygiene is a must.
  6. Not involving in sexual intercourse 4-6 weeks post-transplant.
  7. Women should avoid pregnancy for at least an year after the transplant.

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