Ask an average person about their goals in life and you are most likely to come across the aspect of parenthood. Parenthood is a blessing, but for some, the path towards it may not be as easy or swift. We are talking about the biological marker called infertility.

The first thing that crosses one’s mind when talking about treating infertility is IVF. However, IVF has wrongly and prominently become the umbrella term for all kinds of infertility ministrations.

So for Part 3 of the KnowIVF series, we will be studying the variation in infertility treatments. If you are egg-cited (pun intended), read on to discover what is the primary difference between IUI IVF and ICSI?

But let’s begin with understanding why there is some confusion in the first place.

Why the Confusion?

Several factors have contributed to this misunderstanding. Lack of awareness is at the top of this list. IVF has recently gained popularity in the Indian healthcare society. The advanced treatment has been credited with enriching and saving lives. Also, the embryos are formed in the lab and only after their complete formation, they are transferred to the mother’s body. This process raises the chances of pregnancy largely.

The high number of success rates have shadowed in-depth discussion about details. Also, the stigmas associated with male infertility have kept the conversation hidden from the light it deserves. The differences, nonetheless, are very broad and need immediate dialogue.

Difference Between IUI IVF And ICSI


Abbreviation: In Vitro Fertilization

Definition: IVF is a set of procedures in which mature eggs from ovaries removed and are fertilized by sperm inside a laboratory. As the next step, the fertilized egg, that is, the embryo is transferred to the uterus. Afterwards, the embryo grows inside the uterus only.

Plus: It is the most effective form of infertility treatment. Couples may or may not use their respective eggs and sperms. The process of fertilization takes place outside a woman’s body.

Minus: During the initial steps of the process, the concerned woman may have to take certain hormones to stimulate ovaries. These hormonal drugs may cause some side effects.


Abbreviation: Intrauterine Insemination

Definition: IUI treatment aims at placing sperm directly inside a woman’s uterus. The time taken by the sperm to travel from the vagina to the eggs is reduced with the help of this process. Thus ensuring more chances of fertilization as the sperm is filtered and placed close to the egg.

Plus: It is a viable option for couples struggling to get pregnant. This is a much cheaper and feasible process as compared to IVF. It also requires less physical effort.

Minus: The drugs that support IUI may cause some side effects, ranging from hot flashes to ovarian cysts.


Abbreviation: Intracytoplasmic sperm injection

Definition: The process of ICSI is somewhat similar to IVF. In ICSI, the fertilization of eggs and sperm is conducted in a laboratory dish. However, unlike IVF, instead of placing lots of sperm, only one healthy sperm is used. Only the healthy sperm from the male is extracted and placed along with the egg for fertilization.

Plus: ICSI is most advantageous in cases of male infertility. It boosts the chances of pregnancy highly.

Minus: There is a slight risk of multiples. This means that more than one embryo may be placed inside the uterus. It is also a time-consuming process.


Mark Twain has rightly said that the secret to getting ahead is by getting started.

And one can only start by grasping the required information. The above article has been an attempt to clear the air around the issue of infertility treatments.

The craft of treating infertility can be done through more than one ways. Though each of them can be a rollercoaster ride, with the relevant information you can make the right decision for yourself and your loved one.

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For more doses of information on fertility and related issues, await the next round of articles under KnowIVF.

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