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If you visit any of the fertility hospitals, you will come across a lot of infertility cases. Fertility issue affects more than 15% of couples in India. Fortunately, we have identified some natural ways to boost fertility levels. Yes, little changes in your diet and lifestyle can boost fertility.

The Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction published research, according to which, 10 to 14 % of the Indian population is affected by infertility.

Natural Ways To Boost Fertility

Here are some natural ways to boost fertility.

1. Maintain a healthy diet and weight

Next time when you feel hungry, take a break from cheeseburgers and french fries and opt for some light salad and lean protein. A study led by Dr. Van Der Steeg found that women whose BMI is more than 25 are overweight and have a much harder time getting pregnant. According to this study, women with a BMI between 35 – 40 had close to 23 – 43% chances of getting pregnant.

The idea is to keep yourself healthy, either by taking a healthy diet or by working out regularly.

2. Stress-free life

Stress is not good for human bodies no matter the circumstance. It has a direct and hindering effect if you are trying to conceive.

Generally, women feel stressed as they do not get pregnant and as a result, it becomes more difficult for them to get pregnant. So next time, whenever life becomes too difficult to handle, take a deep breath and relax. Try to add some stress-reducing activities to your routine, especially when you are trying to get pregnant.

3. Avoid caffeine

Let’s accept it, many of us need a cup of coffee to kick-start our day. Most of us love to go out for cocktails and have a cold beer on hot summer nights. Both of them have major side effects on your health when you are trying to conceive.

It is proved to many researchers that caffeine reduces fertility. One should avoid the consumption of more than 200mg of caffeine per day if you are trying to conceive. Caffeine could be present in tea, chocolate, or soft drinks.

Researchers also say that the chances of infertility increase by 50% if a woman drinks alcohol repeatedly. You can either monitor your intake of alcohol or say no to it entirely. You can replace your alcoholic beverages with plenty of refreshing non-alcoholic beverages.

4. Say no to cigarettes

There is nothing positive about cigarettes. Every woman should steer clear of smoking. It decreases the odds of conception. A study stated that a woman who smokes takes two months longer to get pregnant than a non-smoker.

There are many products available in the market to help you fight against your addiction. If nothing works, reach out to a family member or friend and seek help.

5. Add vitamins and lookout for folic acid

Vitamins are essential for your overall health and give your body exactly what it wants. They are most important at the time you are trying to have a baby. Research stated that specific vitamins and minerals can increase the chances to conceive, as they help eliminate nutrient deficiencies.

Folic acid prevents spina bifida in babies. So it is necessary to take the required quantity of folic acid before and during pregnancy. When a woman takes enough amount of folic acid and vitamins, it increases her chances of becoming pregnant.

Not only vitamins and folic acid, but you should also try to include Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Beta-Carotene to give your health the boost it needs.


In the above post, we have mentioned natural ways to boost fertility. The feeling of having a baby is phenomenal. Keep yourself healthy and happy to boost your fertility. Along with these natural ways, you should also consult your gynecologist to avoid some serious health issues.

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