“It takes a brave heart to battle and a determined soul to recuperate and the thoughtful mind to live the life’s moments and radiate the same positive energy to people around amidst the fierce battle.”

We come across many people from versatile lifestyles, ages and thoughts. At times, they influence our lives and living by the way they live every moment. Today I share one such short story of a person whom I always shall remember as a companion, a fighter so brave at heart, my true hero- My Grandpa! Surviving a disease that cripples your life at any age is hard to express in words. Its been 3 months and I feel a space in my heart so empty without him around, but the memories still as fresh as dew drops.

Late Krishna Murthy, 91, retired accountant manager at south central railways had nasal congestion which was initially thought to be seasonal. His condition did not get better, futhermore, he lost sensation in his cheeks which were also swelling. This spread to other parts of his face which even led to the obstruction of his vision. He would have frequent nose bleeds – even while biopsy testing.

Dr. Gayathri, his grand-daughter tells us –
“It was pretty difficult finding a medicare at affordable range and within the radius where he stayed owing to his age. Initially, he consulted a physician for the nasal blockage who upon further checking suggested an endocrinology testing detecting thyroid issues. After vicious rounds, he was taken to an oncologist consultant at Yashoda hospital, Secundrabad. Upon biopsy he was tested positive for sino-nasal cancer stage II and advised immediate radiotherapy treatment course.”

“Being close to my grandpa it did petrify me knowing about his state. But his courage shadowed his helplessness. His strength overcame the weakness that the treatment brought in. His smile always gave an enlightening sight to fight within. His will to do things the way he used to do –was no less than a brave heart to foresee. Seeing this, he in-turn, gave me positivity to be a strength and be support to him throughout.”

When asked what suggestions, Dr. Gayathri would like to give readers, she says –
“Symptoms to note – Blockage in the nasal canal that doesn’t go, nose bleed (either in biopsy or nosebleeds in general that happen most often), loss of sensation – rather would say numbness in the facial region, headaches (increasing sinus pains). The above symptoms may be general but vary from person to person with different stages as well.”

Whenever you note such symptoms for a duration longer than usual its time you consult a doctor for better advice.

“Cancer at any age, any stage is not less than mental trauma. It’s a kind of disease where one needs to have courage to fight within themselves to survive. All I would advice is be brave, strong with a will to fight it. Live life to the fullest in every means possible. As it goes a positive mind with a healthy environment ensures healthy life ahead, its an equal share of responsibility of family members or people surrounding the person to be a support psychologically and create the same positive aura that enhances healing.”

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