Finally, your baby bump is gone and your little one is in your hands. But the arrival of your baby is just the starting of a different form of care. Your body has been through tremendous changes, so naturally, it requires additional care, much like during gestation. Post pregnancy medication and care are vital to restoring your health and help you shine in the role of a mother.

This article as a part of LadiesAndBabies majorly looks at medicine after pregnancy. Read on.

Why Would You Need Post Pregnancy Medication?

Unlike pre and during gestation, your doses of medicine after delivery depends on your health condition. Post pregnancy care takes the form of pain management if and when a new mom is suffering from a health issue.

Since childbirth is overtiring, it may also pose certain health issues to the mother. Here are some common conditions experienced by moms after delivery, that require medication:

Uterine Cramping

After delivery, your uterus will return to its original size. It will shrink as days pass and during this process, you are likely to experience contractions. These contractions may be painful but they are important to regain strength in your body. Uterine cramping is very common at this time. Thus, doctors prescribe pain relievers as post pregnancy medication to mothers. Breastfeeding is considered helpful.

Pain in Perineum

The perineum is the region between anus and vagina. During childbirth, the perineum can be torn because it gets stretched largely. Sometimes doctors apply stitches to this area. These stitches are naturally absorbed by the body. New moms experience pain and swelling in the perineum. Post pregnancy care is thus extremely required. Doctors provide different types of medicine after delivery to help heal the perineum. You may be given pain relievers, drugs to avoid constipation and other aids to ease the discomfort.

Postpartum Depression

Nine months of pregnancy and childbirth can be exhausting for mothers. Some women undergo depression after pregnancy. To help cope with symptoms and help assist in the new life, your doctor may provide anti-depressants. This type of medicine after delivery helps in boosting mood and provides relief to your mental health.

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Vaginal Bleeding

As a new mother who has just undergone childbirth, you can expect to have some vaginal bleeding. This phenomenon is very common, but if your bleeding becomes very heavy or causes pain, you should immediately contact your doctor.

Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are a symbol of childbirth. While some women choose to carry these marks as a matter of pride, others find lightening them as more comfortable. If you opt to get rid of your stretch marks, you can choose from a range of oils and creams, as post pregnancy care. Creams derived from Vitamin A are very effective in fading these marks.

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Prenatal Vitamins

Yes, you heard that right. You may still require your prenatal vitamins and supplements. Your body has been through changes, both mentally and physically. Your body will need those vitamins.

More on Post Pregnancy Medication

Your post pregnancy care is not limited to the above-given conditions. As we mentioned earlier, it simply depends upon your health. You must ensure to rest and take care of yourself emotionally. If you choose to breastfeed, which is highly recommended, you should watch out for what you eat. Exercising in moderation is also an essential part of the postpartum period.

In Conclusion

Post pregnancy medication is only a small chunk of your post pregnancy care. While the concept is bountiful, small steps are what matter. Make sure you visit your doctor for unusual symptoms or clinical emergencies.

Even if your pregnancy is over, you must consider your health as tender and avoid inflammatory foods or extraneous workout.

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