In local Indian circles, the term “Good news” has become interchangeable with the news of pregnancy. Indeed, a woman’s transition to motherhood is a time like no other. Blessings upon blessings are showered on the expecting couples. They are also always at the receiving end of continuous advice and concerns. Though there is a fair amount of counseling for childbirth, health before pregnancy is often forsaken. In this post, we will give you your essential pre pregnancy checklist.

As our fifth part of the Ladies and Babies blog series, we will talk about pre-pregnancy care. Let us first talk about what is the significance of this concept.

Why Pre-pregnancy Health is important?

With pregnancy, a mother and her partner may experience a shift of emotions, focus, and well-being every day. The steps throughout the entire process are linked with one another. Good health of parents before pregnancy ensures better health during pregnancy. And better pregnancy health assures healthy childbirth.

Most importantly, parents can avoid various complications in the coming months. The risks associated with the infant can also cease with the help of a healthy pre pregnancy checklist.

Pre-Pregnancy Health Catalog

A rookie couple stepping into the realm of parenthood would, no doubt, have a blurry idea of the dos and don’ts. If you or your friends or family are ready to sign up for a life-changing experience, here are the things you should take care of.

The following is your perfect pre pregnancy checklist to ensure complete care for a smooth pregnancy-

Visit your doctor

The very first step is to assess and monitor your present health. Only then would you be able to make the desired and required changes. Regular visits to the primary healthcare provider and gynecologist are of utmost importance. You should discuss your complete medical history with the doctor along with the current state.

Oral health

You may be surprised to discover that your oral health is directly related to your pregnancy. Poor oral hygiene, especially the health of the gums, can impact and cause early birth or low-weight birth. So visit your dentist and follow their instructions to a better oral aka overall health.


Your mom, aunties, and even neighbors would overfill your plate with the most nutritious food items once they know that you are pregnant. But these nutrients are equally important at the time you are trying to conceive. A healthy and well-balanced diet can reduce your chances of developing gestational diabetes.


Your body is expected to undergo diverse changes during pregnancy. Pre-pregnancy is the best time to prepare it for the same. A healthy weight before and during pregnancy will ensure healthy childbirth. Your labor period and delivery would also be ease if you exercise regularly.

Mental Health

Your pre pregnancy checklist is incomplete without considering mental health. Pregnancy will involve mood swings, ups, and downs of your reactions, mid-night cravings, irritability, utter joy, and much more. It is a nine-month-long roller coaster ride. While you prepare to conceive, you must also make your mind about the effects of pregnancy and childbirth. Good mental health is important for you and your partner to make wise decisions and support each other.

Quit smoking and drinking

Tobacco and alcohol impact, both, the health of the fetus and the mother. The consumption of these can lead to slow or abnormal growth of your child inside the womb. Besides, smoking and drinking add to the factors of infertility and make it difficult to conceive.

Reduce caffeine intake

Despite your temptations, you may want to cut down on your coffee intake. Research proves that more than two cups of coffee can affect pregnancy. The more caffeine you take, the higher your chances of miscarriage become.

Weight Loss

Being overweight before pregnancy can lift your odds of getting gestational diabetes. As well, you may develop high blood pressure with time during pregnancy. So here is another reason why you may want to maintain a healthy weight and lose those extra pounds.

Role of the partner

Rachel Green, from the famous sitcom Friends, said – “No uterus, no opinion”. We are all fond of Rachel but she may not be completely right here. Your partner plays a very important role when it comes to pregnancy.

The health of the male is no less important. It is so because both men and women are involved in the process of baby-making. The quality of the sperm also determines the fetus’ health. So some of the above suggestions are also for the husband to practice. These include eating right, exercising, not smoking and drinking, and maintaining good mental health.


The power of being able to make another human is astonishing. But it is a lengthy process and requires attention, care, compassion, medical aid and more.

In the above post, we have tried to summarise some of the most important tips in the form of a pre pregnancy checklist.

Stay tuned with us for more updates on Ladies and Babies Section!

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