If you are an expecting mom getting closer to her due date, we have more exciting news for you. As one of the options for your childbirth, you can choose to be a mermaid. Water birth delivery is the choice for you.

As another section of our blog series, LadiesAndBabies, let us tell you everything of importance about water birth delivery in India.

What is Water Birth Delivery?

Water birth delivery is similar to a normal birth delivery, except part of labour and delivery happens in (you guessed it!) water.

In a water birth delivery in India, pregnant women submerge themselves in a birthing pool. The birthing pool is a tub filled with warm water. Women may choose to spend some part of their labour inside the water and come out for delivery. While others may endure both labour and delivery inside the water.

When a woman gives birth in water, the baby is brought up to her chest before doctors remove the umbilical cord.

Why Water Birth Delivery?

The concept of water birth delivery is easing for both the mother and the baby. It is considered a gentler way of the child’s entry into the world.

The theory is that the warm water in the pool resembles the amniotic sac inside the mother. This amniotic sac is where the baby has developed and spent nine months of gestation. This way the baby can make a tender way into the world. The childbirth also becomes less stressful for the mother.

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What are the Benefits of Water Birth Delivery?

This method of childbirth is another option available to women. It does not cease labour pain or other additional complications. However, the benefits of water birth are favourable. In several cases, the advantages of water birth delivery outweigh its downsides. Here’s how:

Benefits of water birth for the mother:

  • Helps alleviate the pain of labour and delivery
  • Acts as a natural alternative to anaesthesia
  • Reduces the duration of labour
  • The buoyancy of water lessens the bodyweight
  • Regulates uterine contractions
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Calms anxiety and decreases the intensity of stress hormones

Benefits of water birth for the baby:

  • A comforting entry into the world
  • The environment is similar to that of the amniotic sac
  • Decreases the stress of birth
  • Helps in elevating the sense of security in the child

Who is a Candidate for Water Birth Delivery?

You may find the given benefits very appealing but sadly this option may not be available to everyone. Water birth delivery in India is subjected to certain criteria.

You cannot undergo water birth if:

  • You are older than 35 years or younger than 17 years
  • You have preeclampsia, diabetes, herpes
  • You are expecting multiple babies (twins or triplets)
  • The baby is in a breech position (head-up position)
  • There is preterm labour
  • There is a possibility of infections

What are the risks of water birth delivery?

According to theory, a baby does not breath inside the uterus. Babies get their oxygen supply through the umbilical cord. So the baby would start breathing until it is brought out of the water and exposed to air.

However, some researchers argue that there is still a possibility that the baby may take a breath during water birth delivery. It increases the potential risk of life-threatening complications including drowning and meconium aspiration (meaning that the baby has its first bowel movement during birth and accidentally inhales the contaminated water)

Babies may also contract bacterial pneumonia inside water. The water temperature should be moderated through the delivery. Fetal blood loss or tearing of the umbilical cord is another risk associated with this method.

What is Your Learning?

Despite the risks, water birth delivery in India has its merits. If performed by a specialized team of healthcare providers, water birth delivery can be comforting and helpful for both the mother and child. Talk to your obstetrician about this option. Keep yourself and your spouse aware of the benefits and risks of this delivery method.

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