If hair removal tops your grooming need, then reading this article is a must! Laser facial hair removal is an advanced aesthetic treatment aimed at removing unwanted hair growth safely and effectively from the delicate areas of the face. This treatment is the best choice if you are looking to achieve permanent hair reduction with long-standing results along with silky smooth skin. Unlike temporary hair removal methods, laser treatment for facial hair removal is an almost painless option to get hair-free facial skin. It can help you get rid of unwanted hair on sensitive areas of the face like the upper lip area, chin, cheeks, side locks, forehead and mid-brow. Here’s all you need to know about laser facial hair removal, enjoy reading!

How To Prepare For Laser Hair Removal Treatment For Face?

The dermatologist will give a detailed checklist of pre-care instructions after a thorough examination of your skin and hair tone and type during the initial consultation. These include: –

  • Avoid UV exposure at least six weeks before the session. Use sunscreen before stepping outdoors.
  • Avoid waxing or plucking hair from the face a month before the laser session.
  • Avoid specific skincare or makeup products that may irritate the skin.
  • Do not take certain medications such as anti-inflammatory medications that may interfere with the laser session and increase the risk of bleeding.

What To Expect During Laser Facial Hair Removal Treatment?

Laser facial hair removal treatment utilizes revolutionary technology to reduce hair growth in the targeted area with precision. It works on the primary principle of selective thermolysis by heating hair follicles and destroying them so that they stop producing new hairs. This procedure results in permanent hair reduction. As a client, this is what you can expect during a typical laser treatment session –

  • The dermatologist will assess your facial hair and skin condition and prepare the target area before starting the laser treatment.
  • The client should wear protective glasses throughout the procedure.
  • The dermatologist will adjust the settings of laser equipment according to the target area, thickness and colour of hair and skin sensitivity.
  • Doctors may apply a numbing gel to the target area to reduce any discomfort during the procedure.
  • Your dermatologist will perform a patch test to select suitable parameters that will help attain the best results.
  • He/she will focus the laser beam on the target area to systematically destroy unwanted hair follicles. You might feel mild heating or tingling sensation, which is normal during the laser session.


There is no downtime for laser facial hair removal treatment, and you can immediately resume your daily activities. You can expect to see a visible reduction in hair growth after your laser session. However, since your skin is in recovery mode after the hair removal treatment, you will need to follow the post-care instructions shared by your dermatologist. It is advisable to avoid direct sun exposure at all costs and use ice packs to soothe the skin.


The laser facial hair removal treatment is a very safe procedure when performed by medical experts using USFDA-approved laser technology with adherence to specific protocols. However, It may cause the following side-effects in rare cases –

  • Skin irritation and redness – This is the most common side-effect if you are doing laser on the sensitive areas of the face. One may experience temporary redness and irritation of the skin that may subside within a few hours.
  • Pigmentation – Laser treatment may result in a change in the skin color that may result in the occurrence of dark spots or lighter patches in the target area. These changes occur due to stimulation of melanin pigment in the facial areas and are usually temporary.
  • Scarring – If you are prone to scarring, then you might experience scars at the site of laser treatment.
  • Pain – Slight pain at the target site is a common occurrence, especially when treating delicate areas such as the upper lip. However, dermatologists use numbing gel to minimize any discomfort.
  • Risk of infection – Although it is a rare possibility, you may develop a skin infection in the treated area.
  • Change in skin texture – Again, this is an uncommon complaint; however, you may experience it only if you undergo a laser hair removal treatment on tanned skin.

It is always advisable to undergo the treatment performed by certified dermatologists at a reputed skin clinic equipped with the latest laser technology to minimize any risk of side-effects.

Interesting Facts About Laser Facial Hair Removal Treatment You Should Know!

Compiled below is a list of some myth-busting facts about laser facial hair removal treatment to help you make an informed decision –

Laser facial hair removal doesn’t guarantee permanent hair removal:

Laser hair removal treatment ensures a permanent reduction in the growth and density of hair in the target area.

Laser treatment requires multiple sessions to achieve expected results:

Laser facial hair removal treatment works by treating the target area several times to remove all the hair in different growth cycles. So, a couple of sessions are necessary at regular intervals depending on the amount of hair, the thickness of hair, skin tone of the individual and underlying hormonal condition.

The success of treatment varies from individual to individual:

The treatment results and the duration of laser treatment are unique to every individual. It largely depends on individual hair and skin colour, hair thickness and the underlying cause.

The laser therapy doesn’t give immediate results:

You may begin to observe shedding of treated hair and subsequent reduction in hair growth as the treatment progresses.

Laser hair removal treatment is an expensive option to consider:

Laser treatment is a cost-effective solution as it is a one-time investment considering its long-term benefits. It is a permanent solution to painful salon services and recurrent grooming expenditure!

The skin needs time to recover after laser treatment:

The skin becomes more sensitive after laser facial hair removal treatment and requires sun protection for several weeks.

Disadvantages Of Laser Facial Hair Treatment

Laser facial hair removal treatment is a medically-approved and globally popular grooming service for both men and women. However, there is a singular disadvantage associated with it; your hair growth may come back and require treatment again based on your genetic propensity and hormonal health.

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Question 1: Does hair shedding start immediately after laser treatment?

The possible hair shedding occurs a few weeks after the laser session and doesn’t start immediately.

Question 2: Does laser treatment cause acne?

In rare cases, the laser treatment may trigger an inflammatory response on the sensitive areas of the body in the form of mild acne. Choosing a reputed skin clinic will help you rule out the risk of secondary skin infections.

Question 3: Can laser treatment cause cancer?

No, advanced laser technology is super safe, and there is no scientific evidence that backs this myth that it can cause skin cancer. It is a precise procedure that does not cause any damage to the surrounding skin.

Question 4: Is laser treatment painful?

Laser hair removal treatment for the face is a relatively painless procedure. You may experience mild heat and pricking sensation that are bearable. An experienced dermatologist will take all precautions to ensure you have a comfortable experience during the procedure.

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Laser facial hair removal treatment is a safe and convenient option for both men and women to deal with unwanted or excess facial hair. Contrary to the temporary hair removal methods, the laser treatment is a worthy investment that not only saves time but offers long-term relief from painful plucking or waxing. Opt for this advanced hair removal procedure at a reputed skin clinic that has an experienced medical team and the latest laser technology and get ready to hair-free silky soft look soon!

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