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Life After Breast Cancer Treatment

Cancer is an overwhelming disease: from the day it is diagnosed till the time the treatment ends, it puts the patient on an emotional, psychological and physical roller coaster ride. And once the treatment is over, expecting life would be back to normal immediately won’t happen. The patient, the patient’s body and the patient’s family, all have undergone a lot and there are no magic potions which can put it all back to where it started, before the cancer diagnosis. As most oncologists say about life after breast cancer treatment,

With a positive mind set and the willingness to beat cancer at every step, one can make this happen. This comes supported with a proper diagnosis and well laid treatment plan. Going back to the “new normal” is possible with a streamlined plan post therapy.

Don’t Hurry Up

Fatigue and physical weariness will take time to wean, so don’t hurry up getting back into all the household chores, or end up socializing. Take things one at a time and slow down. The body will take time to rejuvenate.

Life After Breast Cancer Treatment

Follow Up Tests

The cancer specialist would advise a series of follow-up tests to monitor the effects of the ongoing treatment, monitor for signs of lymphedema, address any challenges the patient is facing with current medications, and check for any chances of spread and/or remission. Tests usually undertaken include mammograms, bone health tests and physical exams. Take them as part of the patient’s routine and let them not bog the patient down. These are essential to keep a trail of the patient’s progress.

Accept the changes and move on

Accept that the cancer was there but now it’s past. The patient should not shy away from people, rather should form a support group of people who have had similar surgeries in the past. He should engage in healthy conversations. The patient needs to follow a routine keeping the current status in mind. Gelling up from the past routine, helps create a new normal life.

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