A man tells his close friend, “I think my girlfriend is cheating on me.”

A close friend asks, “How do you know? Did you see her with someone?”

The man said, “No but I saw her flirtatious conversation on Whatsapp with her ex-boyfriend. This conversation happened to be at the same time last night when we too were having a heated argument on Whatsapp.”

Does this scenario ring a bell?

Are you also in touch with your ex or anyone else on Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp but prefers to keep it under wraps from your partner?

In this high-tech age with all the social media savvy people, cheating on social media has become so very common these days. It is so easy to find your past friends on Facebook or come across someone interesting and available on blogs or Twitter – that too from anywhere across the globe.

The entire world is the playground which was not possible a couple of years back. Social media allows people to stay in touch every day or night and every moment. There you can track the photos, albums, and updates of the other person who you find interesting more than your own partner who might have been with you for such a long time that you know most stuff about them.

It’s inherent human nature to be thrilled by mysterious new things rather than enjoying the known realms.  The only problem is cheating partner believes that no one will ever know and there is no harm done.

The one who is cheated upon can sense when there is a problem. Remember another inherent human nature ‘gut feeling’ ‘sixth sense’ or ‘instinct.’ Spending too much time on the devices, checking them late in the night, not sharing your codes and password with your partner, being lost in your own dreamy world, or paying little attention to the partner – these are all the tell-tale signs of a social media cheating partner.

When this happens, the distrust creeps in the relationship. Feelings are hurt on either side – of course, cheated-upon feels being betrayed and cheating partner feels to be always under the scanner.

People handle the situation differently – some confront and retaliate while others consider it as a passing phase and hope the cheating partner realizes it on their own. Some try to work it out and others opt for a breakup. All in all, they can’t escape the arguments, fights, tears, and heartbreak. These make the best recipe for Unhappiness, Anger, Depression, Anxiety, Loneliness, and other such emotional health problems.

So, how do you deal with the situation?

Just because cheating is happening on social media and seems to be intangible does not mean it is less painful. Rather it is much more deteriorating to the emotional health as compared to other forms because it is hard to believe and label.

  1. Talk to your partner. Many times cheating partner doesn’t realize what they are getting into by just being a little friendly on social media. Remind them where that ‘fine line’ which they are crossing is.
  2. Word your feelings and thoughts so that they understand what you going through. Avoid a negative or argumentative tone but try to be calm and as objective as possible.
  3. Giving another chance to the relationship is entirely based on your decision.
  4. Get a grip on your emotions and don’t let them come to bits.
  5. Seek counseling, if need be.

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