Mapping The Evolution Of Healthcare in India - #FreedomFrom

Healthcare in India; As Indias largest online healthcare portal, let us trace the steps of how medical care in our country has evolved.

Mapping The Evolution Of Healthcare in India - #FreedomFrom
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"It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver." - Mahatma Gandhi On 15th August 2019, an Independent India will turn 73 years old. The declaration of India as a free and democratic nation was among the first steps towards the empowerment of its citizens. True freedom resides in the well-being of individuals. And we all take pride in the fact that India has secured true freedom. At Credihealth, we believe that health is the ultimate determining factor for a person's quality of life. Similarly, it determines the quality of the nation's welfare. Ahead of Independence Day, allow us to take you on a throwback journey. As India's largest online healthcare portal, let us trace the steps of how medical care in our country has evolved.

What was:

Remember Ramayan? When Lord Laxman was wounded in a battle against the army of Ravana, Lord Hanuman flew to the Himalayas and brought back the healing herb. The prevalence of ayurvedic medicine is that old in India. Even today, Ayurveda is highly regarded and recommended as a preventive aid against various ailments. However, medical care in India progressed. It was impacted by western studies and became more science-solid. On the eve of Independence (14th August 1947), more than 7400 hospitals and 47000 doctors were available in the country. The structure of this arena started getting systematic only after the formation of a committee. Five-year plans dedicated to advancing health were designed and an expenditure of nearly Rs. 770 crores were assigned within three years. In 1952, a Central Council of Health was set up by the President of India under Article 263 of the Constitution. Since then, Indian healthcare has only been looking forward. There have been major changes and minor setbacks which led to the overall growth of the country. To state an example, On March 27, 2014, India was declared a polio-free nation by the World Health Organisation. More astonishing events have happened to date and considering how the present scenario is, there is more to come.

What is:

As a nation, we have been making continuous headway in terms of healthcare. Our needs are being met at the same pace. Today, international facilities are being brought to India. The medical professionals are highly trained and passionate about offering the best treatments. There are only two hitches- the difference in quality between rural and urban health systems and the cost and confusion of medical care. Fortunately, both these setbacks are being corrected. State and central governments are offering outstanding healthcare schemes. For example, Ayushman Bharat, which was launched in 2018, is the world's largest government-funded scheme. The model of healthcare in India is aimed at diminishing the above-mentioned differences in medical quality. And as far as the cost and confusion related to the medicinal help are concerned, Credihealth is granting all kinds of solutions. We know that making the right decision at the time of urgency can be confusing. Our medical experts are competent to guide you through your dilemmas and queries. Costly healthcare is the biggest concern for middle-class families. Credihealth services address this concern too. We give you cost estimates and huge discounts to ease your medical journey. With the current framework, we can expect only development in this industry.

What will be:

Presently, the Indian private sector has been a driving force behind the growth of all-inclusive healthcare. But primary care remains a concern. Our society and government need to enhance that section of the arena. In terms of tertiary care, India is a top-tier nation. This is reflected by the rising medical tourism in India. Patients from overseas travel to India for optimal care. There are multispecialty hospitals with advanced technologies and infrastructure. According to a study, the health market in India would reach US$ 372 billion by 2022.

Final Word

It is rightly said by Henri Frederic Amiel that "In health there is freedom. Health is the first of all liberties." As 15th August approaches, we intend to educate the community about what is there and what needs to be. Education is the point of entry towards change. So this Independence Day, feel empowered and proud regarding our country's growth in the health sector. We hope this feeling of empowerment will make you heed more towards you and your loved one's health. Call +91-8010-994-994 and talk to Credi Medical Experts for FREE. Get assistance in the choosing right Doctor in India here.
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