In hospitals, doctors perform different surgical procedures and other tasks related to health care requiring a variety of instruments. However, these instruments are not always present at the required location every time. Thus, they are supplied to the needed place using medical trolleys. Trolleys also help carry dressings and medicines from one hospital room to another. Thus, it is made clear that these trolleys serve a significant role in the hospital framework. Without these, equipment transport would have been a pretty challenging task.

Here are Different Types of Medical Trolleys

There are various types based on the equipment that a medical trolley carries. Here in this article, you will get information about the uses and prices of a few of the most commonly used trolleys in the hospital.

Crash Cart Trolley

A crash cart trolley, also known as a code cart or emergency trolley, is helpful for emergencies. It comes in various sizes depending upon the type of procedures in the hospitals.

In most cases, the emergency trolley contains four drawers or portions from top to bottom. Each part is specific for a single type of equipment for easy accessibility. The equipment that is present in the drawers of the crash cart trolley is as follows,

  1.     The top drawer contains drugs and medications required for an emergency.
  2.     The second drawer contains instruments required to maintain a patent airway, such as endotracheal tubes and airways
  3.     The third drawer contains instruments for maintaining circulation, such as IV fluids.
  4.     The bottom drawer has sterile forceps, needles, scissors, and other instruments required for procedures.

But medical trolleys may have a different sequence of equipment depending upon the hospitals or clinics.


As the name indicates, emergency trolleys are helpful in situations that require rapid and effective maintenance of heart and lung functions. Both of these functions are crucial for the survival of the patients. This type of medical trolley has equipment arranged in a regular pattern for easy access in critical situations.


Prices of the emergency trolleys vary significantly depending upon the features present. But most trolleys cost less than $200.

Instrument Trolley

An instrument trolley is the simplest medical trolley found in hospitals or medical settings. It is a simple cart made of stainless steel and has wheels for easy movement from one place to another.

In most cases, it has two portions. The top portion, often covered with a cloth, is used for carrying sterile surgical instruments such as scissors, needles, and blades. The bottom part is for the medications.


You will mostly find a trolley type in operating theatres to carry surgical instruments. It is also helpful for taking these instruments from their storage area to the operating room.


Being simplest, they usually cost you much less than any other medical trolley. For example, the prices of most of the instrument trolleys are about $50.

ECG Trolley

Most of you already know about the ECG. It is an electronic device used to monitor the heart rhythm and pumping action. Any abnormality leading to death can quickly become understandable using an ECG machine.

In rapid management of a critical patient, an ECG trolley should be present beside the doctor. It also comes in different sizes. A good size medical trolley has more space for the accommodation of equipment.


The ECG trolley has a monitor and cables for recording the heart’s electrical activity. Doctors use the ECG trolley whenever patients come with a heart attack to the hospital. In that case, this type of trolley provides more favorable patient management by monitoring heart health.


ECG trolleys have power-operated instrumentation. Thus, its price is higher than the other regular medical trolleys. You can buy one from an online retailer or a local medical equipment store. Most of these trolleys cost you about $300 to $500.

Anesthesia Trolley

Have you ever heard about anesthesia? It is a procedure used to make a patient unconscious before starting the surgery. It is the most critical part of the operation. Slight neglect can lead to early arousal of the patient, or the patient can stay in the unconscious state for more than the required time.

Like other medical trolleys, it also has a tabletop with vast space to accommodate required equipment. It also has wheels for its easy movement across the room.


An anesthesiologist utilizes an anesthesia trolley to organize the required instruments required to administer anesthesia. In addition, it has a screen that shows the essential parameters of the patient, such as blood pressure and breathing rate, for optimal monitoring.


An anesthesia trolley usually costs you about $500.

Laparoscopic trolley

At present, laparoscopic surgeries are more favorable than open surgeries. Because, in laparoscopic surgeries, the surgeon only creates small holes to enter the instruments in the body to perform the surgical operation.

Laparoscopic Surgery requires monitoring and cameras guided instruments.All these instruments are present in laparoscopic trolleys in the operation theatre.


There is now no need to tell the use of laparoscopic trolleys once you understand the purpose of these surgeries. These trolleys contain all those instruments required for these procedures.


Because of complex instrumentation, laparoscopic trolleys cost a lot higher than the others. They usually cost you about $800 to $1000.


Doctors perform various procedures in the hospital. The required equipment for the process is made available to the doctor through different medical trolleys. Each trolley is specific for a single function. Therefore, the prices of these trolleys are highly variable and depend upon the feature that a trolley offers.

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