Thursday , March 30 2023
Missing Tooth

Missing Tooth? What Are The Most Affordable Options?

Losing a tooth is no laughing matter. In fact, while it may in actual fact be a small object, a missing tooth can have a big effect on the person who lost it. Believe it or not, even one missing tooth can impact speech and eating.

In addition, when you have lost a tooth you may have difficulty smiling. Or at the very least, become self-conscious of how your smile now looks. This can have an overwhelming effect on your confidence and self-image.

These are reasons why you don’t want to go very long without a tooth. But what can you do? You could make an emergency trip to your dentist and have a permanent replacement or you could opt for something temporary.

Permanent Missing Tooth Replacement

Thanks to continuing advancements in dentistry, your dentist has several options available for you in replacing a missing tooth. For a single tooth, a crown can be attached to a screw that is put into your jaw. The crown looks like a natural tooth.

For more than one missing tooth your dentist may use a bridge. A bridge will fill gaps between teeth with ‘artificial fake teeth’ that sit on a ceramic appliance that snaps or hooks into place. These are coloured to look like the real thing.

One more option is false teeth uppers or lowers. These complete plates of teeth sit on your gumline once remaining teeth are removed. The plates are held in place by denture adhesive glue or powder and can be removed each day.

Temporary Missing Tooth Replacement

If for some reason you cannot schedule an appointment to see your dentist right away, or possibly your budget does not allow a permanent missing tooth replacement immediately, you still have options. These are more inexpensive choices.

Not only are temporary replacements cheaper, they often require some do-it-yourself skills using materials you can easily obtain. The important thing to remember is that temporary solutions should eventually be replaced with something permanent.

Dental wax, available at your local drugstore, can be mixed with candle wax and crayon to create a realistic looking replacement. It requires moulding into shape as it cools, but it will work and does not cost much for supplies.

Craft supply stores have polymorph beads that may cost about $15. Melting them in hot water and forming by hand into the shape of a tooth can be a reasonable option. Household products can be used for other temporary options as well.

There are also various commercial-made temporary tooth solutions. Many can be located in the dental section of a drugstore and include a single tooth or multiple tooth repair/replacement kits. However, keep in mind all of these choices are to be temporary.

You will still need to have your missing tooth fixed by a dentist. This is to prevent infection or to determine if there is a more serious situation present that may require a different kind of remedy. Only your dentist will be able to properly diagnose this.

How Tooth Replacement Helps You

One of the main reasons why a missing tooth must be replaced is the way in which it can impact on your social skills. A good smile displays confidence and with a tooth missing, this can become a huge blow.

Here we have discussed a few options to fix a missing tooth. However always aim to see your dentist as soon as possible for a permanent solution.

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