Swati Khanna Dahiya, a mom of twins, shares her C-section experience on the New Moms Club.

My pregnancy was so stressful from the beginning.

Firstly, I conceived through IVF after 8 years and there were triplets. Its was like the biggest joy on earth when my husband saw my positive report of pregnancy…. and since that day I was on bed rest.

In first ultrasound it was so exciting to hear three different heartbeats… and then one day I had little bleeding, I was in my fourth month. Everyone got so scared… one of my foetus had vanished. … I don’t know the reason behind that… then that point onwards, I was on strict bed rest for several days…time passed by…

In my 8th month… my baby bump was very big… It was getting very difficult for me.. I barely could walk… then around 8.5 months, I woke up one morning felt very little periods-like pain… I took it as normal daily pain… then when I went to the washroom I saw mucus-like discharge.

Because it was my first pregnancy, I didn’t know what kind of pain or discharge were alarming. Though I called up my doctor she asked me to take painkillers which I didn’t take – I preferred sleeping, thinking it would resolve by taking rest. That same evening, around 5 pm, I woke up and felt the same. I called up a senior doctor this time and she asked me to come for a check-up. I went there and after the check-up, suddenly my doctor informed us for immediate operation. It was so scary to hear, everyone panicked…though I managed to gain strength for the operation.

When my operation started, I was consciously talking to the doctors. My little bundles of joy came out in the world. Till that point it was fine, but after that everything got messed up. The doctor told me that one of my daughters was down and her head was stuck in my pelvic bones. So, while taking her out safely, my uterus teared. The effect of my anesthesia was getting over,  so they put me on general anesthesia, after which they managed to stitch my uterus and inner layers.

I was in hospital for five days and they put me on heavy antibiotics. Because I had some infection and high fever, both my daughters were in the nursery. After the 5th day my fever was gone and I came home with one of my daughters. The other daughter was still in the nursery.

It had only been 2 days at home that I got high fever again. I got my blood test done, and it turned out – I had high infection again. I went to the doctor again, and they admitted me in the hospital again. Yes, I took my daughter with me. By God’s grace, my room was twin-sharing room. The other bed was empty which my mom and MIL both used to take care of me and my daughter. At this point, my gynae had left my case to a general physician and surgeon.

My infection was getting worse. The worst part was that nobody knew the reason for the infection.

Every day I had a blood test, MRI, CT scan, etc. In the end, they put me on the highest antibiotic medicine. If that medicine wouldn’t have worked, it was decided that they would operate on me again to see my torn uterus and stitches. By God’s grace it started my fever went down, and after 17 days I got discharged again… this time, with my both daughters. Now, I’m absolutely fine…..

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