I went through loads of morning sickness in my entire journey of pregnancy.. Strangely irrespective of name it happens in the evening too! Vomiting, nausea, fainting spells and acidity. The best way I dealt with it was by having digiene as the best companion by my side. I used to eat in small quantity and made sure it’s not something very oily or heavy. I used to take sips of Limca in the afternoon and evening. I used to have a fixed time in the evening of going through this process so usually at that time I used to distract myself with smelling any fragrances that could help! – Sargam Sharma

I used to feel nauseous right early in the morning on an empty stomach… So first thing in the morning I would eat a banana and feel better… – Sofia Danish Khan

Cloves worked best for me, it was suggested by MIL. Plus eating fruits empty stomach. – Kiran Krunal Dhakat

Felt the morning sickness in evenings too…. Could digest only Maggi and bengan ka bharta and all fruits…. All curries made me super nauseous.  – Neha Mohan

Neha Mohan..same pinch….in my whole 9 months these two stuffs I had a lot…. – Astha Rohit Sareen

First four months I wasn’t able to eat anything. Whatever I eat it used to come out within mins… I used to walk an hour after dinner and the only thing that stays in was watermelon… No home remedy worked for me… At last I went to my gynaec and she prescribed me some medicine for nausea… After 4 months it vanished on its own! – Sharan Saini Kakade

Morning sickness is due to a lot of gap between your eating…so keep 2 bananas/sandwich anything you feel like on your bed side.  Have if you’re hungry in the middle of the night and one right when you get up from sleep before stepping out of bed..(must b thinking without brushing, yes without brushing teeth) this will help…don’t eat food your baby is not accepting..in my case..my baby doesn’t allow me to have non-veg .. – Swatika Murria Sharma

I felt very lazy in the morning and weakness too. And I used to eat bananas and apple and coconut water in the morning to deal with morning sickness.. – Shivani Amit Jain

I had severe morning sickness during my second pregnancy. So early morning I use to drink cold milk or most of the time use to take 2 slices of apples at midnight so that I can get rid of acidity. And also I use to take frequent small meals instead of heavy meals – Rupal Ralph 

I use to get up around  11 AM  because of the fear called Morning Sickness …, eat before you brush and best was I use to drink roohafza and chilled milk, everything normal after that – Sheetal Joshi 

In first four months I suffered from bad morning sickness.. Bad Body ache, sick, lazy, felt like suffered from pain. Due to this I was left my job because I was unable to wake up in the morning. Thanks to my dear husband and elder bother-in-laws who were help to me in house work. They mostly cooked food themselves and for me. This period is very crucial and I felt very unlucky to not having mother-in-law… In first trimester I used to puke many times due to smell of milk and flour and chapatis so they made it by their own. But the best thing is that my husband learnt how to prepare atta… That was so loving… Even they not allowed me to go to kitchen… I felt so lucky too have this kind of loving family… – Vandana Chaudhary

I had nausea all day.. so I used to avoid going to the kitchen and pop some orange candy or hajmola to avoid vomiting – Lakshmi Agnihotri