Monday , March 20 2023

Sharing Beautiful Experience of my Wife’s Treatment – Mr. Iqbal


It is with great pleasure, I am sharing my beautiful experience of my wife’s treatment under the care and help of the Credihealth team. The utmost assistance and attention we have got from the team were fabulous which motivated us to refer many of our friends to Credihealth.

My wife had a lump on the left parotid region and she had to undergo surgery. We were having a very hard time in getting the right treatment for her in our country, so our friends and relatives suggested us to try the treatment in India.

But going to altogether a different and strange country for medical treatment is not easy and we were clearly baffled as to which hospital is the best for this surgery, how to get our medical visa and we were not even sure about the medical expense we were about to bear.

This is where, we’d come across Credihealth, which not only helped us in the entire medical process but also took care of us in the entirely strange country. Within an hour of submitting a query, I received a call from the gentleman, Dr Vineet Sikka asking about our complete situation and assuring to get the best medical assistance. After few formalities here and there, we reached Mumbai on 20th March where appointments from the 3 best oncologists were already booked by Credihealth. The appointments were very well scheduled and the staff was very cooperative with us.

Credihealth had also assisted us in selecting the best and relevant hospital and we made our mind to have a surgery under the care of Dr Satish Rao at S.L Raheja Hospital. Credihealth makes the stay of international patients very comfortable by categorising them as VIP patients in the hospitals.

The surgery was done successfully on the third day of our arrival and Credihealth left no stone unturned making our medical journey comfortable without any hassles as they are committed to providing complete medical assistance to patients.

Our days and nights in India became easier because of the wonderful care we received from the Credihealth and the hospital and would definitely recommend Credihealth to our near and dear ones looking for the overseas medical assistance. – Nadeem Iqbal

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