In cancer treatment, there are different wings and different types of cancer cells that can affect an individual. Out of the lot, the type that leads to brain tumours and affects the nervous system is a complex issue which is handled through neuro-oncology treatment also called cancer treatment at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre.

The best cancer doctor in India will help patients understand and treat the disease in ideal conditions so as to help remove the tumour in the most accurate manner possible. They deploy different treatment methods in order to achieve the results.

What is Neuro-Oncology?

In technical terms, neuro-oncology refers to the study of the brain and the rest of the nervous system, including the crucial spinal cord. A trained doctor who deals with cancer-related to this area is known as neuro-oncologist.

What are the different treatment options for neuro-oncology in India?

The neuro-oncology treatment can be provided through different methods in India based on the type of cancer that affects the individual. Some of the most widely suggested methods may include,

Advanced imaging modalities – With the help of magnetoencephalography commonly known as MEG and high-definition fibre tracking, the oncologist will try to understand and map brain functions so as to remove the brain tumour.

Gamma precision radiosurgery – The method is non-intrusive and non-surgical, which makes it ideal for patients who cannot handle the surgical procedure. With hundreds of focused radiation beams, the tumours will be targeted to reduce their size or completely remove them.

Stereotactic radiosurgery – A bunch of different methods, including gamma precision radiosurgery and other precision technologies using laser beams, will be used to remove the cancer tumour in the brain or the spinal region.

Craniotomy – Considered one of the most complex surgical procedures in medicine, the patient will be awake during the entire procedure while oncologists will map and remove the cancer tumour. They will continue to keep the patient responding to ensure any healthy tissue in the brain is not damaged, and only the tumour areas are removed.

What to Look For in Neuro-Oncology Specialists?

Finding the best cancer doctor in India is quite feasible considering a large number of oncologists and neuro-oncology specialists practising in the country. While there are many reputed medical institutions that specialize in tumour treatment, you should also consider a couple of things before choosing your hospital of choice.

The comprehensive medical treatment will be provided in a hospital which has the facility to handle all kinds of oncology treatment under one roof. With the necessary equipment readily available, it will be easier to treat patients and provide solutions at once. Besides, the neuro-oncology specialist with ample years of experience in treating will be able to provide valuable suggestions to help treat the patient in the best possible way.

Equipped with advanced neuro-oncology treatment and use of advanced imaging modalities, the neuro-oncology specialists can investigate, analyze the tumour in the brain or spinal cord before choosing the best type of treatment. The hospitals dedicated to treating cancer will also have a research wing to find new treatment strategies and to help patients in a more proactive manner.

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