Motherhood is the most important part of a woman’s life. It’s a miracle for which God has especially chosen women. It is a woman who keeps the baby safe for 9 months in her womb and then goes to an extra mile to ensure its health.

I and my husband, Nikhil were very happy when we found out that we were pregnant. I was already overweight & therefore as per my doctor’s guidelines, was keeping a close watch on my weight.

I initially considered myself lucky that I didn’t face any morning sickness, however in the fourth month of my pregnancy, at the begining of my motherhood journey, I discovered that I have gestational diabetes and high levels of amniotic fluid.

My doctor referred me to an endocrinologist who guided me on how to follow a strict high protein diet to keep my sugar levels in check. I was not allowed to eat anything from outside and was suppose to survive on limited options. It was a battle in itself, as I had to fight with all those cravings. Along with this, I was regular with my sugar tests everyday; I took them before and after my meals and even went for walks after each meal, which really helped me.

I managed to keep my health in check without taking insulin till the 7th month, however, as the pregnancy progressed, my sugar levels started spiking and I was advised to take insulin. During this time I also experienced some bleeding in my placenta, near the umbilical cord, and therefore, was on bed rest for sometime.

With an active work schedule, traveling, doctor’s appointments, tests and weekly injections I ensured that I remained positive throughout; I use to talk to my baby and sang to her everyday.


I had been going for weekly scans as my doctor had discovered chorioangioma in the placenta during the 28th week. So far only close to 70 cases in the world have been reported with chorioangioma of placenta. It was less than 4 cm, because of which she decided to put me on bed rest for sometime and continued to monitor me weekly.

My baby was gaining weight at a very slow pace due to my strict diet. Now, my doctor had 2 agendas- First: to push me beyond 31 weeks and Second: to ensure that my baby weighs over 2.5Kgs at the time of birth. My doctor then took the right call and put me on steroids when I was 32 weeks pregnant to ensure the baby’s lungs are fully developed in case we have to go for an early delivery.

When I finished 37 weeks, my doctor decided it was time for me to have the baby, due to gestational diabetes, and we fixed 16th February.

However, after my last scan on the 12th of February, my doctor grew more concerned about the chorioangioma which had grown to 4.5 cm. I still remember the morning of my delivery, the day motherhood was at my doorstep… My doctor called my husband at 6:30am on 13th Feb and decided to deliver and by afternoon, I was the mother of my beautiful baby Princess, Aaradhya.

People ask me what kept me positive throughout my pregnancy and I tell them it was all the people around me: My god-sent gynecologist, Dr Poonam Tara Thakur at Max Saket), my husband who ensured I that I remained positive, my family, especially my in laws, my best friend and God. If you believe in yourself and God, things have a way of working themselves out.

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This write-up was written by Upasana Bhurani.

4 (1)About Author:  Upasana is a working professional and is currently on maternity leave. A new mom, she was blessed with motherhood earlier this year. In her own words, “I am blessed to have family who were a great support during my critical journey. I firmly believe that prayers work and one should never loose hope.”

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