1. How do I lose weight post-pregnancy?

Diet plan for weight loss post-pregnancy by Ritika Samaddar, Nutrition Specialist, Max Hospital.


Milk 1 glass
Daliya or oats porridge
Egg or cheela or sprouts
Midmorning:   Sprouts or fruit


Dal 1 bowl
Vegetable + salad
Tea:    Milk with roasted chana/ almonds/ walnuts


Dal 1 bowl
Vegetable + salad
Bedtime:  Milk


Questions Answered by Dr. Vipul Sharma, MBBS , MD – Consultant – Paediatrics, Max Hospital, Gurgaon


2. Is it OK to give gripe water to a 5-month-baby in winters? I heard it might cause cold or cough to the baby?

No gripe water or honey or ghutti or even plain water should be given to babies who are less than 6 months of age. Gripe water doesn’t cause cold or cough.

3. Is it beneficial to give cerelac to babies? Should it be added to diet?

Cerelac is a weaning food. As it is milk based product so transition from milk diet to foods is easy. You can also make similar preparations at home and can avoid cerelac. Rice is most hypo-allergic food so always start with rice based cerelac or rice based foods and if baby doesn’t have any problem over next few days then you can introduce other flavours.

4. My 5 months daughter sweats a lot even in this winter season also. Is it normal? Her head, palm n feet are sweaty

Sweating of hands, feet and head is normal if your baby otherwise not having breathing or feeding difficulties.

5. I have to join office in march. Since 1 week I’ve been trying to introduce feeding bottle, but my 3.5 month old son refuses to take bottle. What do I do?

Many babies don’t take bottle feeds so don’t get upset. And its not that, if bottle feeds were introduced at birth only, he would have taken it. Acceptance of bottle feeding by a baby is totally unpredictable. Some babies may take bottle feeds from birth and continue to do so. Some babies don’t accept it at birth but takes at 5-6 months of age. And some babies takes a birth and stop bottle feeding at 3-4 months of age as soon as their mom is going to join her job. So don’t get worried, you can always give from spoon.

6. My boy is 3-months-old and recently I have started feeling pain in my breasts after I feed him, is it normal? What can I do to reduce the pain?

For pain in breast after feeding, you can always try warm fomentation or take tab paracetamol as pain relief. But if pain severe, then you should get examined to rule out any abscess.