The ill-effects of smoking are known to all from eight to eighty. Listing out the bad effects of smoking and nicotine can fill up thousands of pages. One important aspect of smoking effects is the fight against smoking addiction. Many ways are there to combat this addiction. One of the popular ways is via vaping or e-cigarettes.

E-Cigarettes and Nicotine Salts

E-Cigarettes or Electronic cigarettes are a great way to deal with the bad habit of smoking addiction. The journey of e-cigarettes started way back in 1967. It was formally introduced as a mainstream product in the early 2000s. 

Since then, the world of vaping has witnessed huge advancements not only in the devices but also in the arena of e-cigarettes fuels or vape juice. If you want to find vape juice that suits you, then the internet is the best place to search for it.

Continuing the discussion on the latest advancements in the vape fuel fields, the latest addition is nicotine salts. They are a combination of nicotine along with any kind of weak acids. The natural occurrence of nicotine salts is found in tobacco leaves. The acids that are combined with nicotine for creating nicotine salts are benzoic acid, levulinic acid, pyruvic acid, etc. benzoic acid is used more when it comes to the commercialization of nicotine salts.

The answer to this question is quite simple. Nicotine Salts provide the nearest experience to smoking tobacco but without the burning sensation in the throat. Therefore, nicotine salts are the latest in-thing in the world of vaping and e-cigarettes that have garnered attention amongst the vaping population.

We are all aware of how smoking a cigarette hits high and the associated burning sensation that follows when one inhales the smoke. Since their inception, e-cigarettes have been striving to provide smokers or rather vapers the almost same experience with only the good bits and barring out the bad ones. 

This experience provision is a combined effort of both the e-cigarettes and the vaping liquid or fuel. To date, nicotine salts provide the nearest experience.


Many advertisements are of opinion that the content of nicotine in these salts is about two to ten times more than that of the regular vape juices used in e-cigarettes. Such statements have caused a huge uproar in the world of tobacco quitters thereby shunning these nicotine salts. However, that is not the complete story.

Free-base nicotine is the main culprit when we deal with the bad effects of smoking and thereby its addiction. The nicotine in these salts is protonated which is devoid of free-base nicotine. Hence, in such cases even though the nicotine content in nicotine salts is higher than their other vape fuels counterparts, the ill effects are not well pronounced, which we often observe when smoking or chewing tobacco directly.

As nicotine salts are relatively new to the market, therefore there is no conclusive research evidence stating either they are safe or harmful. However, excessive use of these products should be avoided.


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