The very existence of human being is based on a single cell which grows into a tissue, then into an organ. And organs make up a human body. The cells are designed to multiply, which is termed as “cell growth”. The normal cells have a consistent life cycle and system. As long as they follow the pattern of division and multiplication in the body, everything is under control. Then how do abnormal cells come into existence? And why are they harmful? So, therefore, let us first get familiar with cancer cells & then we will dive into the difference between normal cell & cancer cell.

What are Cancer Cells?

Just like normal cells, cancer cells are always present in the body. But, the immune system recognizes them and destroys it before it can cause any harm to the body. However, when the cancer cells go untapped, they start multiplying and spreading in the body causing harm to the normal functions.

There are many differences between normal cell and cancer cell that are critical in nature. Disruption of the normal cell regulation gives rise to malfunctioning of the cells, which leads to diseases. One such disease is cancer.

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Difference Between Normal Cells and Cancer Cells

Let us enlighten ourselves with 3 broad difference between normal cell and cancer cell below:

1. Development

  • Normal Cell – These cells in the body grow, divide and die in biological ways. The growth, distribution and death process is called as homeostasis.
  • Cancer Cell– These cells are a result of disorder in the process of normal cell regulation. They do not grow or divide as per the biological way. They follow their own rate of growth and development.

2. Reproduction

The way in which reproduction/multiplication takes place is one of the most crucial differences between normal cells and cancer cells. Reproduction of cells takes place for many reasons like replacement of damaged cells; need to form new tissues and so on.

  • Normal Cells– In a normal cell environment, the process of cell multiplication and reproduction is highly regulated which is intervened by a set of complex chemical process. Only after a signal from the chemical process, the normal cells divide and stop dividing as well. Also, they are required to die for maintaining a healthy balance in the body.
  • Cancer Cells – The difference between a normal cell and the cancer cell is that cancer cells divide uncontrollably so much so that they become unstoppable. This process is referred to as metabolic autonomy. They are known to self-regulate growth and division instead of being regulated by chemical processes/signals like a normal cell. Another characteristic of cancer cells is that they are immortal. This means that they continue to grow in spite of being old/damaged.

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3. Communication

Communication forms an important part of the cells growth, and division. Through communication, the cells receive and send signals which alert them when to grow and when to stop. The most crucial role of signals being that they prevent different cell groups from encroaching the space of other groups.

  • Normal Cells – The growth of normal cells is facilitated through signal reception. They send and receive signals which help them to know when to divide when to stop and so on.
  • Cancer Cells – The ability to communicate is absent in cancer cells. That is why, their growth is uncontrollable and they often invade the space of the surrounding normal cells.

Cancer Cells vs Normal Cells: Takeaway

To conclude, normal cell and cancer cell differ in many ways. The environment that they both survive is also different. The feature of an uncontrolled division of cell which takes place in the body is considered as cancer and leads to a tumor. The difference between normal cells and cancer cells is that where normal cells are required for the smooth functioning of the body, cancer cells disrupt the same.

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