Wednesday , February 8 2023
online doctor consultation

What, Why, and Where of Online Doctor Consultation

The conventional healthcare dynamics could soon see a revolutionising change with the advent of an online doctor consultation. It has been around for quite some time; but, only recently has it come into proximity of healthcare companies because of mass access to the affordable internet. Utilizing such technologies, companies like Credihealth are changing the concept of a doctor consultation.

What is Online Doctor Consultation?

online doctor consultation

Online doctor consultation is a virtual consultation between a doctor and a patient by means of a video call software or app. It is receiving immense popularity because of the potential it holds. It renders easy and convenient delivery of services. The patient can consult a doctor online and if the ailment is critical, then the doctor advises to see them in person.

Why Online Doctor Consultation?

Most of the time, seeing a doctor is essential; but, there are instances when your ailment requires immediate attention and that can be achieved with this new technology. It streamlines many of the cumbersome processes that are encountered by a patient while visiting the clinic. The delivery of service becomes more effective and time efficient.

It rids the patient of long cues and reduces the wait time to see the doctor. The patient can have a consultation at the comfort of home as opposed to the crowded, lackluster waiting rooms in clinics. These waiting rooms can further pose a risk to the health of the patient as they are flocked with patients suffering from varied conditions sitting in close proximity.

Apart from being convenient, it is also cost-effective as the patient does not have to travel hundreds of miles to see a specialist doctor. They can have the consultation through a virtual chat (video and audio) and if the situation demands then the patient can go see the doctor in person and seek treatment.

If the situation prompts for a prescription, the doctor can also provide that, he or she will send a copy of the prescription to the nearest pharmacy and the patient can pick it up at their own convenience.

Where to Get Online Doctor Consultation Service?

There are several companies in India that are incepting this service. One of the more established company is Credihealth. They are tied with elite specialist doctors in every field to provide virtual or online doctor consultation and at no extra cost from your end. The doctors are world renowned and their credentials well established in the industry.

Testimonial Story

Mr. Ramesh Kumar is a small businessman from a small town in UP. His mother was terminally ill and required urgent consultation. Mr. Kumar had made all the arrangements to visit Delhi and consult a specialist at Fortis; that is when a friend told him about online consultation service, he was delighted and went on to try the service. He then discovered the immense power of the internet, it saved him precious time, money and the hassle of a long journey. Credihealth helped them connect with a specialist and after a long evaluation of the patient and records, the doctor advised Mr. Kumar that his mother required a heart bypass and urgently. This provided Mr. Kumar with the time to scour his sources and accumulate the necessary financial resources. A seat for the patient was booked and waiting. The surgery went smoothly and his mother is healthy and expects a long life.

Mr. Rajiv Pratap runs a poultry farm in a remote part of Jharkhand. There was an infection in his mouth and it was growing rapidly, to rapid for it to be any common infection. His village was completely disassociated with the city and thus was divorced of any medical institution. Cancer was not something they were aware of, but thankfully, there was a boy in the village; he studied in Delhi and he told Mr. Pratap that the infection growing in his mouth could well be cancer and that he should see a doctor immediately before the ailment devours his entire mouth. Mr. Pratap didn’t have the financial means to take a trip to Delhi based on the hunch of a kid. Then, the same boy told him about online doctor consultation; Mr. Pratap was overjoyed by the convenience and eager to proceed. The same day in the evening, with the help of Credihealth; he had a virtual consultation with a specialist in Max Healthcare and sure enough the infection developing in his mouth was cancer. The doctor advised an urgent surgery, which he took and apart from the loss of little muscle, Mr. Rajiv Pratap is well and healthy. He now gives 100 percent to the business, which he earlier couldn’t.

Crediheath with its online doctor consultation platforms aims to disrupt the Indian healthcare market enabling remote consultation, continuous care, follow-up and the second opinion saving time, effort and money by connecting healthcare providers and receivers digitally.