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Organ Transplant: Successful Green Corridor

A brain dead man’s organs were flown to Chennai, Pune and Aurangabad for the purpose of transplant. It is reported that the patient was in his late 20’s and had severe heart failure following cardiomyopathy after a road accident. He helped save four lives by donating his kidneys to 2 people and his liver to a man in Aurangabad, and his heart to a teenager in Chennai. 

In different cities, the patients had been on the organ waitlist for months before finally getting the all about the possibility of an available organ. To make these organ transplants possible, a synchronized play required to take place between the paramedics and the police authorities to create a green corridor. This was essential to make sure that the organ would reach on time without the unnecessary traffic. Usually a trip of about 5 hours, the green corridor from Aurangabad and Pune cut the distance short by two hours.

At Ruby Hall Clinic, Dr. Sheetal Dhadphale got a call from ZTCC (Zonal Transplant Coordination Committee) alerting her about the donor who was declared brain dead on 20th Feb at 6 PM. A team of doctors reached Aurangabad to retrieve the organ. Another special corridor was created to the Aurangabad and a special aircraft flew with the heart to Fortis Hospital in Chennai.

Shortly after the liver was retrieved, it was tranplanted in the 50 year old man who had been suffering from chronic liver disease since the past 3 years. The green corridor served as a successful approach to save multiple lives. Even the traffic police ensured that the travel for the medical team was smooth. This is the fourth such instance in Pune.

The brain dead 28 year old’s name was a Rambhau Ubale who suffered from head injury in a road accident at Aurangabad. After his condition turned worse, he was declared brain dead and his family consented for organ donation.

Previously the organs were scheduled to be transplanted to another patient in Chennai, but because the patient turned unstable – the transplant was cancelled. After finally reallocating the organs, the switch was made well in time.


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