Priyanka Sheshadri, the PCOD mom, shares her pregnancy struggle and c-section experience with the New Moms Club.

I got married 5 years ago…The first year we had planned but the second year my father-in-law got sick. He was bedridden and eventually passed away. We started trying from third year onwards, 6 months passed by and I would get preganews every time. All the time, it showed negative.

Initially, it was okay and I would not think much but slowly I started wondering – is there a problem?

I went to a gynae and found out that I had PCOD. She gave me 2 solutions – Have contraceptive pills for three months and get regular periods or exercise and lose weight which would regularize my periods. ( I’m 5.5 ft n weigh 62 kgs)  which is normal. I chose the second option.

I started running like dog in my building compound and without fail, I started going to the gym. While I was working out, I was not losing weight, but yes, my body started toning. My periods too started to get regular. However, no sign of pregnancy. People started complimenting me on my body, but who cares? All I was bothered was to get pregnant. I would get the pregnancy kit every month and all it showed was negative. I would cry in the bathroom for hours and I would wonder what’s wrong with me.

Why on earth can I not get pregnant?

My gynae would always motivate me and he said – just for the next 3 months you try, if you don’t get pregnant, we’ll start with medications. Dejected and tired of trying, I still thought lets give it 3 months more.

First month, I got my periods on time. I cried my heart out. The second time, I missed it.. I cried my heart.. Thinking I was pregnant.. 10 days later got my periods. Died to cry.. I had lost the count of the 14th day! Now what. I left it there. Third month, I didn’t get my period, and I thought – time to get this medically sorted. I waited for my periods to come and it just didn’t… My hubby asked me to take the pregnancy test. I was like one more negative and I will kill myself.. Not literally!

I took it and bingo I was pregnant! Finally!!

I died to cry again but this time it was the madness of happiness! I was on the moon, all my prayers were answered.. Biggest thing – I conceived naturally! I went to the gynae and he confirmed that all was fine. Until the 8th month, my doctor told me that I was having a frank breach – which means that the baby’s legs were up and it could not move as there was no space and so I would have to go for a c-section.

I was not bothered about a c-section or normal delivery, I just wanted my baby to be safe and healthy. It just didn’t matter to me at all. So the day was decided and I finally got admitted to the hospital. At all times, I was only smiling and laughing because I knew it was the happiest day of my life. My parents, my laws, and husband were all tensed. But not me. I went smiling inside the OT. I saw a lady coming out and her baby was with the nurse. I imagined myself.. and in 10 minutes, the doctor said it’s a girl! And then I started crying. They thought I was in pain. But no,  it was sheer happiness!

No pain, nothing at all,  only smiles,  one lesson learned MIRACLES happen in this era also, Never ever lose hope!

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