Some questions which were answered by PCOD patients:

  • How did you find out that you had PCOD?
  • What symptoms did you experience?
  • Do you feel there is a difference between you and people who do not have the condition in terms of daily life/lifestyle? Are there things they can do which you cannot do?
  • How are you dealing with it? Has this method of dealing with it showed you results?
  • What else would you like to know regarding the topic?
  • Are there any social barriers/stigmas regarding the topic? Is there an inhibition? Why is there a hesitation in speaking openly about the topic?

Patient 1: 21 years of age

I had irregular periods and the gynaecologist confirmed that it is PCOD. Irregular periods, acne, weight gain and trouble losing weight, extra hair on face and thinning hair on the scalp were the symptoms I was facing. People without this condition do not have trouble loosing weight whereas people who have PCOD do not loose weight easily.

After being diagnosed, I increased protein intake, antibiotics prescribed by a doctor and regular work out. With these 3 methods my condition and hormone levels have improved. I think there is a hesitation in speaking openly about PCOD because of the fertility problems. Many women who have PCOD have trouble getting pregnant. People are afraid of this tag of infertility.

Patient 2: 19 years of age

I was having problems losing weight so a friend of mine who has PCOD herself suggested to me to get it checked. She could see that I had symptoms of it and so that is how I got it tested and diagnosed. I was having problems losing weight, had some pimples on my skin and, had facial hair growth, and my menstrual cycle was also irregular. These were the symptoms of PCOD that I experienced. I don’t feel that there is a difference between me and other people who don’t have it. There is nothing that they can do and I cant which is because of this problem.

I am dealing with it with the help of medication and am trying to lose weight as losing weight helps finishing the problem. I haven’t seen results as it hasn’t been that long but I hope to see results in the future. I would like to know more about ways to eliminate this syndrome. I don’t think there should be any kind of hesitation in talking about this topic. Everyone faces problems and this one can be cured. It is a very common problem. It was termed as a disease earlier but now it’s modified as PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome).

Patient 3: 25 years of age

I had terrible pain in my lower abdomen. I got an ultrasound done and the reports revealed the existence of cysts. The symptoms I face are irregularity of periods, unbearable pain in the abdomen and body swelling. There is a definitely a difference between me and people who don’t have it. I don’t feel normal. There is no certainty of dates and the number of days it takes to go. I don’t feel like working and lying down every time is not possible.

I am scared to move about and cannot think of doing anything that involves extra movement. Also I have to avoid eating many kinds of food. I am taking medicines to deal with the problem, I go for regular check ups, do yoga, work out which has helped me to control it. I want to know what triggers this problem, what its root cause is. I don’t think there are social barriers, people are aware and talk about it.

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