Hygiene is as important for a mother and the new born. Proper post delivery hygiene for mother and baby, both, ensures that the duo does not contract any infection and stays perfectly healthy. The following parameters are to be kept in mind to ensure healthy and hygienic conditions after the delivery –

Keep Baby Warm

It is essential to keep the baby well covered and close to a human body. Did you know breastfeeding is the best way to provide warmth and comfort to both the mother and the baby!! It reflects a sense of belonging and forms a bond between the mother and the new born.

Appropriate Bathing Frequency

In the initial days, it is advisable to bathe the baby less frequently, maybe twice a week. However, a sponge bath daily is perfectly fine for the baby’s skin. As a newborn’s skin is sensitive and dry, it is best to use plain water and wool or a soft cloth. Soaps, shampoos and oils are best if avoided in the initial 1-2 months. The mothers too should ensure hygiene since the baby is in close proximity to her throughout the day. This is one the most important part of post delivery hygiene.

Nurse the Umbilical Stump

The umbilical stump also needs hygiene care to ensure that it does not contract an infection. It needs air to heal. So, it should be left uncovered and away from the baby’s clothes and nappy. A lot of mothers forget this part of post delivery hygiene.

Diaper Usage

Wearing a diaper entails that there is minimal passage of air to the skin covered under the nappy. To avoid foul smell, skin rashes or an infection, it is best to change nappies frequently and not leave soiled nappies on for long. Between nappy changes it is best to use plain water and cotton to clean the baby. Ensure that there is some no nappy time in-between changes.

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Fingernails and toenails should be trimmed regularly to ensure that the baby itself or the mother does not accidentally scratch the baby. Keeping the baby’s nails short will also ensure that the baby does not scratch and injure the mother while breastfeeding, during a massage or between nappy changes.

Hygienic Mother

The mother should wash her breasts daily with soap and water and dry them off properly. This will prevent both the baby and the mother from any possible infections.

Clean Clothes

It is best to wash both the mother’s and the baby’s clothes with warm water. Using a disinfectant also ensures that their clothes are clean and germ free. But ensure that the disinfectant is completely washed off. Keeping the immediate surroundings clean reduces exposure to germs and thus strengthens their immune system.

Handle with Care

It is also important for everyone in close proximity of the mother and baby to be clean and germ free. Anyone who handles or takes care of the baby should ensure same levels of hygiene as the mother.

Any objects that the baby plays with are to be properly cleaned and disinfected regularly.

Thus, apart from their nutritional intake, maintaining proper post delivery hygiene conditions ensure adequate growth and health of mother and the baby.

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