If you have been considering child birth for long, you need to have the right physical, medical and emotional framework in place to increase your chances of having a healthy baby. Pre-conception checklist is a ready reckoner to take of the things that are very essential to have a healthy and safe pregnancy and of delivering a healthy child. You can check your Pregnancy at Pregnancy Due Date Calculator.

It is important to understand that preconception is a very important stage and you need to plan it very well in order to have a safe and enjoyable pregnancy.

Given below are few important parameters that can help you keep a check and take necessary action:

  • Checklist:
    It is very essential to have a thorough medical examination before you take the leap. Reach out to your doctor and disclose your desire to plan a child.
  • Medical Conditions:
    It is always good to discuss your medical history and disease history if any especially diseases like sexually transmitted diseases, diabetes,  thyroid disorder, hypertension and disease which a genetic predisposition or have been in the family. It is also essential to discuss your general food and other lifestyle habits that might impeded or affect ovulation and pregnancy or may have associated long term complications. These include any drug abuse, alcoholism, smoking, stressful work related or any other conditions and living with toxic substances. It is always advised to quite these habits since they may have negating effect on the fetus and might lead to lifelong complications. You can seek the help of health care professionals who can help you with counselings, treatment, and other support services.
  • Medications:
    A very important fact to bring forth is that not all medicines that have been given to you for your health conditions can be used in the conception phase. Your doctor will have a thorough checkup to understand which ones can be continued and which ones need to be replaced with medicines that are safe to be used in pregnancy. You should also disclose if you have been consuming any OTC supplements as well since they may have a similar effect.
  • Vaccinations:
    Some vaccinations are recommended before you become pregnant, during Vaccinations are your way of preventing many diseases from happening and in the conception phase they are necessary to prevent the fetus from any undesirable side effects. You need to have vaccinations prior to conception, during and right after pregnancy to experience a safe and healthy pregnancy.
  • Folic Acid:
    It is a vitamin B supplement essential to prevent many congenital birth defects, essential especially for brain and spine and may be had in the preconception phase as well.
  • Avoid High Energy Rays, Toxic Substances:
    Substances such as synthetic chemicals, metals, fertiliser, bug spray are all chemicals that may affect proper functioning of the reproductive system and may affect the fetus in many known and unknown ways. It is good to plan your work in case it involves routine exposure to these substances. Many of these can be carcinogenic.
  • Healthy Weight:
    People who cut down on their calories are less likely to have heart disease and diabetes and cancers.
  • Stay Mentally Healthy and Active:
    Fight away negative thoughts and try to keep yourself happy for it leads to generation of happy hormones and fight away oxygen free radicals.

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