How To Prevent Bladder Infections?

Bladder infection is hard on the patient since apart from frequent visit to the washroom Read to know about preventing bladder infection.

How To Prevent Bladder Infections?
How To Prevent Bladder Infections?
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Preventing Bladder Infection - Bladder infection can be really hard on the patient since apart from frequent visit to the washroom, is causes burning sensation in the genital area and is painful. Preventing Bladder Infection however is always beneficial than cure and following the essential pointers given below, would reduce the chances of bladder infection to a minimal.What Bladder Infection Symptoms?

What Bladder Infection Symptoms?

If you have the symptoms of a bladder infection, you may have pain or pressure in your abdomen (abdominal pain) or have blood in your urine. Bladder infections may be accompanied by fever, chills, and fatigue.

Hygiene for Preventing Bladder Infection

  • Hygiene is very essential for keeping the infection at bay. It is always good to wipe from front to back. The area around anus should be cleanly gently. Avoid using the same tissue repetitively on the same location, may lead to increased chances of cross contamination. Always wash your hands thoroughly after any visit to the washroom. Wiping from back to front may make the bladder area contaminated with potentially pathogenic bacteria closer to the bladder.
  • Prefer to have shower and avoid long dip in the bath tub. Since there are few bacteria that are present within our body called "healthy bacteria", prolonged dips in the bath tub may expose the bladder area to these pathogens. This may lead to bladder infection.
  • Women should be advised to maintain good hygienic conditions during menstrual cycle and otherwise. Their vaginal discharge may be the perfect medium for growth of any such bacteria, is passed on accidentally. Use of tampons than sanitary napkins is advised during the menstrual period as they help in keeping the bladder opening area drier and helps in limiting bacterial overgrowth.
  • Practice active and complete voiding of the bladder. Bladder should be emptied at least every four hours of the day, when awake.  When you have the urgency to void the bladder, delaying to empty the bladder, looking for a convenient time or place, is not advised, since the bacteria get more time to multiply and increase the chances of bladder infection.
  • Choose your undergarments wisely and do not wear tight-fitting undergarment. Choice of fabric is also critical and do not use undergarments made of non-breathing materials as these may lead to restricted dissipation of moisture and sweat which may act as breeding ground for pathogens. Cotton is always a preferred material for undergarment, since it allows for free flow of air and proper dissipation of moisture. Eventually this may cause maceration of the skin and bacterial over growth Cotton underwear for general use is suggested.

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Diet for Preventing Bladder Infection

The colour of your urine would decide the amount of water intake needed. Very dark coloured urine indicates low levels of water consumption which need to be increased. Increased intake of water means increased removal of bacteria and would prevent urine stagnation.

Other daily activities for Preventing Bladder Infection

  • Maintain a proper water intake in case of increased physical activity.
  • It is good to empty the bladder post intercourse. Sexual activity introduces bacteria into the bladder area and increases risk of bladder infection.

Bladder Infection in Man

Bladder infection in man

Men should Take Proper Precaution for Preventing Bladder Infection are mentioned below:

  • Men should avoid the use of use of spermicidal jelly. It kills sperm and vaginal florae, which are counteractive in suppressing colonisation with pathogenic bacteria.
  • For men who are not circumcised, it is advised to thoroughly clean the area beneath the foreskin after every visit to the washroom and after each bath.
  • Wear condoms when you have sex.

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